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I'm reading "Spiritual Midwifery" but it annoys me. I need a good suggestion.
Kind of a whoops. I was thinking a spring baby would be nice. I also thought I wanted a little more space between kids. I'm worried about the impact on DD and our breastfeeding relationship.
You're not alone. I didn't do U/S with my first pregnancy and don't plan on it this time either unless it's medically necessitated for some reason.
Test again in a few days. As your hormone levels increase, so should the intensity of the pink line. I used the Dollar Tree tests and I used one every other day or so over about a week and they got progressively pinker. The first one was how you described yours, so I had the same thought your sister did - that I was just seeing the test line. Within a few hours there was slight pinkness to the line on that test though.
I don't plan on having any ultrasounds, so I don't have any way to find out. Not that I would. I loved the feelings of anticipation I had during labor and the surprise at birth.
Atlanta, Georgia
Another fluffy mama here! I am about 80 lbs overweight, but I really wanted to be down at least 30 lbs before getting pregnant, but here we are. I want to focus on eating right and getting plenty of exercise and rest during this pregnancy and not stress over the scales. Even though I didn't gain anything during my first pregnancy, I really stressed out each time I got on the scales and they said the number out loud.
I'm 6w+1 and feeling good physically but worried because I'm not having any feelings of nausea.
I'm still nursing my 21 month old. So far, this pregnancy doesn't seem to have impacted our nursing relationship, but I have lots of concerns about it.
I haven't seen a care provider or set up an appointment yet. I'm going to wait a few weeks.
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