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I am a massage therapist and infant massage educator out in Maple Valley and I'm trying to contact other educators to network with and my google fu sucks.  My kids are 8 and 9 now and I feel so out of the baby loop!  I've started my first class and it's super fun and I love being around all the nursing moms and babes.    Spam me with some good links if you can!    Thanks!!!    
Instead of alienating the family by what you don't want, why can't you just ask for what you do want?  I find that amazon wish lists or other lists of wants are much more appreciated.  When you make a list of all the stuff you don't want your kids to have you seem very ungrateful.     Send an email and say 'hey everyone!  My precious really loves being at the zoo and here is a link to a membership so we can enjoy it during the year, or I'd really love to try Gymboree...
$1 pledged for every view up to $5000. The money goes to Mercy Corps which is based out of Portland. The song is from Rent. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mz7MyXDb ... _embedded#
A happy mom is more the best important thing. You'll be able to find something to help. Please don't get hung up on whether an actual Doctor tells you what you need. They aren't always evil.
Your kid may or may not be misdiagnosed but there is no way that his teacher is able to tell the difference. If he has an IEP it is her job to follow the goals. That said if his therapists don't think he needs his IEP or that he has already met his goals you either need to make them have new goals or maybe your DS has indeed graduated to being NT.
I'm just a bit jealous. We are in the states and it's really hard to teach my kids Japanese. I'd let the kids go to school and learn all they can. I'd speak only english to them at home and provide lots of coloring/workbooks with english only words. you're kids will get the most out of being bilingual.
I bought the rainyday therapy swing and the kids love it. IKEA has amazing cheap swings and rings. also think about outsinde climbing structures brought inside. My kids favorite thing is the big little tikes slide I brought them. Another idea is a big costco dog bed that the kids can 'crash' in.
I've had good luck with this site. Just click on the different icons. There are nice story boards with pecs, Pecs story for things like brushing teeth, appropriate behaviorhelp and a ton more. There is a feelings chart on the last link but I think there is a much similar one somewhere on that site. The best thing is that most of it is offered in PDF so you can print it out for free!! :
I think that fresh fruit is definitely better than concentrated fruit juice. I don't think that it makes a real difference between special needs kids and normal kids.
I think you should just be happy and feel blessed. If your babe has autism then you will have a happy and smiley autistic kid!
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