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Why is the Dr recommending it? That is something usually only given with presenting evidence of possible preterm labor unless you had extremely early babies? Which it doesn't sound like. When you say they came early, how early? The steroid is very useful in the right circumstances, but I'm curious what yours are. Do you have an incompetent/short cervix, or a positive fetal fibronectin, or something indicating potential delivery soon?
My "smart" phone does not like MDC. I'm typing now from mobile and cantvsee what I'm typing. When I try to quote it sticks me at the top of the quote and doesn't like to scroll down. That is why I use the FB page almost exclusively. I'm mobile 95% of the time.
Also, my homebirth mw does not do breech births. She transfers in if baby has shifted in labor. And since breech birth is rarely attempted vaginally in hospital, of course the C/S rate is going to be high. The hospital rate of breech birth must be nearly 100%... Although I have attended one breech birth in hospital. And was told I would probably never again see it in my career.
The research article discussed the blood loss issue. They mentioned that visual assessment is not an accurate indicator of blood volume, and that perhaps 500 ml is not a good number to judge pph by. This makes sense to me. Average blood loss in a C Section is 600-800 mls with no blood products required. Or at least, in the C/S I attend.
Um, no, to the above. Dr. Amy is disgustingly hateful toward women who choose homebirth. She has a long, lovely track record. I would love to hear what your SO says, bunny627. I read the research itself, but I'm no statistician. It looked like the fetal and neonatal deaths were mainly cord accidents or shoulder dystocia. Also they mentioned not knowing the status of congenital anomalies due to lack of autopsy in most cases.
It is very common for it to grow "up and away" as your uterus stretches. Saying you probably need a C/S was a rather gruff response at this early stage. I love snugglebug14's advice. I found out (during an urgent u/s, pain turned out to be kidney stones and not baby thank goodness) that I also have placenta previa, so I will have to get another u/s down the road to check.
I had no ultrasounds last time. I would like to be so strong this time. The girls at work are already trying to convince me to let them peek with our portable machine. DH enjoyed waiting last time after it was all said and done, and is on board with it this time as well. :-)
Thanks for trying. :-)
Sharing pics so maybe others will start. :-) The first is 6 weeks, I had already put on 3 pounds and started showing, but I didn't think to snap pics before that. The second is at 12 weeks. My clothes don't fit and I bought a pair of maternity capris already. I feel so big for so soon! I guess that is normal for #3 though...
I would have preferred we all stayed here, going private on FB does end up limiting the group (my past ddcs, we had lovely women join here all the way up through the end and some that joined after having their babies). Postings here can be a source of comfort for those not ready to announce themselves. But... If the majority are posting there I don't want to miss out. I would like to try and post in both places though.
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