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I don't see how 1 teacher can be responsible for watching all those kids. If your dd is a flight risk she should have one person responsible for her - at least when she is outside. What happens if she needs to go to the bathroom when she is in class?
Quote: Originally Posted by TeresaZofia Probably West Marin County--Point Reyes, Bolinas, Stinson Beach, etc...-- because it's so gorgeous and it's a reasonable distance to S.F.--and I need my city fix. I agree. San Geronimo Valley area is great too.
I'm so sorry Calidris. Thinking of you and your sweet girl.
Lisa - I can't stop thinking of you and your sweet Fiona. I'm so very sorry this happened.
I bought a used phone on ebay for about $35. It lasted a couple of years. Good luck!
Quote: Originally Posted by mamarhu Trader Joes carries mint flavored chewables. These are great - not too minty either.
Mmmm you could make a delicious cream cheese frosting for the carrot cake with Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese.
Congratulations! It is truly one of the most beautiful places anywhere.
We have life insurance that would take care of things at least until the kids are out of school. I would not pay off my mortgage with it though. Interest rates are low enough that I could be doing other things with the money, and also a paid off mortgage could actually mess with your credit if you tried to get another mortgage in the future.
I just saw your other post - have you looked into San Geronimo valley - Lagunitas, Woodacre, San Geronimo. I love Bolinas but I think those towns are much more child friendly and there is more of a community for families. I love west Marin - you're very lucky to be able to live there!
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