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I'm in the middle of chapter 3...   and here's my problem.  I get it while I'm reading it and I can see the answer when its spelled out, but so much of it relies on you knowing WHY something just happened...    "You have a choice. You can hit your brother to get what you want or you can say 'May I have a turn'" "You wanted your sister to move.You may not push..."   What if you don't know why?  I'm in the kitchen and the boys are in the playroom.  Everything...
i havent read this one but ive seen it recommended a lot Emotional Life of the Toddler http://www.amazon.com/Emotional-Life-Toddler-Alicia-Lieberman/dp/0028740173/ref=sr_1_cc_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1294979888&sr=1-1-catcorr   its a tough age - bookwise.  it seems like the older they get the more parenting books abound...
I love Barbara Coloroso's - Kids Are Worth It...  too bad i dont use enough of it.  shes awesome though!!!
petey4 - did you request it? if you did, they shouldn't be able to renew it...   at least, thats how it works here...one of the reasons i've donated so much to my library :)  
spiritforever - i am sooo jealous! I would LOVE to see Barbara COloroso!!!!    I just finished chapter 1 and at the end of the chapter she talks about a 7 week program at the back of the book.... if there are any lurkers who have read the book already... do you know if you can do the 7 week program along with reading, or do you need to read it all the way through first?
hey guys, i started a new thread for the actual bookclub... come take a peek http://www.mothering.com/community/forum/thread/1291022/gd-bookclub-easy-to-love-difficult-to-discipline
So, I got the book and I just started it (like 3 pages in before I fell asleep).  I REALLY hope she follows through on her promises, because the intro sounds perfect! (how to change your behaviour so you childrens behaviour follows suit).  Hope it works... here's to a good read!!!
Rollcall... if you want to introduce yourself, please do and I'll add it here (only if you want) so we can all see who's reading along..   Me:  happyinluv  - I'm a sahm in NJ who is just starting out on a homeschool journey. I find I'm a better mom when I'm reading a parenting book, and would love to have company along the way... DH isn't a reader and so doesn't get it when I want to discuss a situation as it pertains TO a book...  Married to dh for 8+ years now...
FIrst book of the year:  Easy To Love, Difficult to Discipline by Becky A Bailey   Let's start reading... find a copy and join on in!  Anyone can join/read along/lurk... whatever works for you! Currently:  Getting and starting the book...   Other books on the list - feel free to add: Unconditional Parenting - Alfie Kohn Kids Are Worth It - Barbara Coloroso Raising Self Reliant CHildren in a Self INdulgent World - Glenn Siblings without rivalry -...
we don't have to be out the door for daycare but most days we do have stuff to get to...   LOVE the gorp idea...  :)
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