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I'm looking for some great recipes... I'm getting 2-3 chickens from a local-ish farmer, and I want to get everything I can out of them.  We're a family of 5 ... and I haven't eaten meat in years...  (I refuse to support the conventional meat industry)...   I want to start introducing it again slowly...  and I also don't want to waste any of it.  Anyone have some great recipes to share? thanks!!  (I'm WAY rusty at cooking chicken!  Also...if you buy your chickens...
My kids are all still young, but we're thinking of getting them a computer for christmas...  I'm due with #4 in december, and there are a few sites that would be good for them rather than me putting them in front of the tv when i need a sanity saver.  So... if you have one for your kids...  where is it?  Would you have done anything different in terms of placement?  The room I'll be in most would be the family room/kitchen (they're both kind of open to each other) but...
serenbat - i definitely want that info!!  I don't think thats too bad from me actually... and its not something I would want weekly, so having to drive to get it doesn't really bother me... :)  (an hour or two is fine...  i found a place 4 hours away... just can't justify that!) :)
Anyone know of a source for grass fed, no nitrate/icky chemicals added hotdogs that is either close to central New Jersey or available via internet?   I have stopped eating meat rather than buy conventional, but I"m pregnant and i REALLY want a hotdog...  just without all the icky stuff.  Is there such a thing?  (if not, theres only 5 more months to go...)   thanks! ;)
1loveforever - would love any tips on keeping non-processed and mostly organic affordable!  thx
hollybearsmom - are these yeasted doughs you are freezing?  (whole wheat, by any chance?) ...  how do you use it after its frozen?  Can you post a recipe?  I'm intrigued...never even THOUGHT of freezing dough...   Side note:  Can you freeze home made pasta?    thanks for the suggestions!! ;)  
What do you make in bulk from scratch?  How well do they keep?  Is it worth it, money wise?   I'm thinking of cleaning out some of the garage and getting a chest freezer...  I'm wondering if its feasible to do something like this... (I'm thinking pasta sauce from real tomatoes, pickles, jelly...  lots of soups... )   I'm pregnant with #4, due in dec... so its half for future convenience, half for avoiding all the ickies in this stuff if you buy it...  (and i'd...
I grew up eating meat and thinking that there was something to vegetarianism, but that I personally couldn't give up eating meat...  well, a few years ago I saw some stuff that really bothered me and I stopped eating meat (I still eat wild caught seafood).  It wasn't that I was eating an animal that used to be alive...  it was just that the animals found on the supermarket shelves were treated so UNnaturally before they got there...  and I don't even remember the...
ooohhh.. now i want pakoras :)   I think I might have to try pan frying these ...  :)   And... I tried making some patties with chickpeas, spinach, egg, and spices.  I dipped them in breadcrumbs and fried... and they totally disintegrated in the pan with the oil...  it was a pretty thick mix before I breaded them -- they totally held their shape ok...  anyone know what that means?  (I didnt measure, but it made about a 1/2 food processor full, and i used 2 eggs)  
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