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I really love the Yoga Zone dvds. I've been doing them for a few months and can really see (and feel) the difference. I think the library is a great suggestion to try things out. I have a 6-dvd set that I got on eBay for about $30. Each of the dvds has two 20-min sessions so you can mix and match or only do what you have time for. I've really fallen in love with yoga. My kids (10.5 yo son and 6.5 yo daughter) have started doing it with me, which is so much fun! I'd like to...
My little brother took his own life on August 26 of this year. He was only 28 and a beautiful, amazing person. I can't even put into words how devastated I am by his death and how much I miss him. My heart goes out to everyone here (and everywhere) who has lost a loved one. If there's one thing I've learned from Sky's death, it's that we're all connected and we all need each other, and we're not alone. Blessings and love to all of you. http://rememberingsky.blogspot.com/
Thank you! Starting out on this gfcf diet is like wandering in the forest blindfolded! There's also an unbelievable ton of shopping involved!!
Thanks for the great resources. I recently went on the gfcf diet and it is pretty challenging, especially since (so far) I'm the only one in the family doing it. The main thing I am desperate for is GOOD bread (not that heavy stuff they keep refrigerated - REAL bread!), and also bread machine recipes and techniques.
They both have it on their arms, legs and cheeks. It wouldn't bother me (or them) at all except for how irritated it gets in the sun. I'll try your suggestions, amnesiac, and I really appreciate them!
Has anyone heard of this? It's a skin condition where the skin has little bumps. It's not allergies (we tried everything) and our western doc today told us both kids (7 and 3) have keratosis pilaris, which from my initial research seems to mean "Little bumps on skin that can be practically anything." It's not a major problem except that it's unsightly, and they also get pretty irritated in the sun and/or with sunscreen. There is of course a drug that they prescribe but...
Thank you, Smilemomma! I will check out this thread. I really appreciate this forum and having you as a resource!
My 6-yo ds has an infection at the base of a baby molar. He had a filling in this tooth in June and this infection started a couple of weeks ago. It’s an odd little infection, kind of a bump on the side of his gum that fills up, drains, then fills up again, but never goes away. Against our better judgment (and standard policy) we just finished a course of antibiotics, with no effect at all. My dh talked to the dentist today, who said that we have 3 options at this point:...
Zipworth, I love what you said! My ds (very early reader - reading at 4th-6th grade level now) is graduating from preschool this week and starting k-garten in the fall. The reason we sent him to preschool is to become socialized, because he went in being pretty much "ready" for kindergarten scholastically, but he definitely needed socializing and the 2 years he has been there have accomplished just that. It seems that for many people these days, preschool has become "prep...
Just one question: How is it remotely possible that you didn't tell me about this? It sounds horrendous. How is his finger doing now? Poor little guy! Eve
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