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Hmm, I don't have any suggestions for that, but a friend of mine made chalkboard eggs last year that the kids could decorate with chalk. Maybe that can be a back-up plan!
I don't really have any advice for you, but I wanted to let you know that I'm sorry you guys have had a rough few years.  Have you thought about counseling for her to deal with her feelings?  Hang in there!
I have a 7 yo DS and our favorites are:   Yahtzee Battleship Trouble Monopoly The Allowance Game Secret Door Hide & Seek Sock Monkey Star Wars Stratego  
I'm sorry you are in this situation.....I can only relate in that I take care of all things financial over hear, but he is willing to help.   Have you read any Dave Ramsey stuff?  That is the only thing that comes to mind, but I don't know if your husband would be willing to delve into it with you.  I'm not much help, but hopefully some other mamas will chime in.  
We HAVE to play musical chairs at every one of my son's birthday parties - he insists!  He is 7 by the way, but his cousins from 3-10 love it.   We had a Lego party this year and played Lego bingo.....that was a big hit too.  You can find printable bingo cards on the internet for just about any theme.  Does your party have a theme?  That might help me think of more ideas.....
Man, where do you all live??  I'm in Tampa and I swear it's all junk here!  But we do have some good community yard sales!
 Me too!!  Especially when trying to respond to a thread!
I totally understand where you are coming from : )  Even though intellectually I know that each child is different, I really have a hard time remembering this when we are around other kids my DDs age.  She is almost 20 months and only has about 5 words, most of which are only half words (she drops the ends of her words too).    She actually has an early intervention evaluation scheduled for Tuesday.  I know it can't hurt to have it done, although I'm really feeling...
That's awesome, and both the doll & your little girl are adorable!  I really want to try to make a waldorf doll, but I'm a little nervous.  I think I will probably end up making my DD one for Xmas next year when she will be 2.5 yo. 
I'm in Tampa and my son is currently in K now.  Do you want to share what county you are in?  We looked at a couple of magnet schools, but none were reasonable close.   Our county has school choice, which means that you can look at a list of schools that has available slots, and you can apply to have your child go to one of those schools.  I think you can choose up to 3, but you may/may not get in, depending on the number of open seats.  We got ours on the first try,...
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