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My DD2 was like that. It was so hard. She is 4 now, and still a challenge. She was 3 before she slept through the night and gave up naps at 26 months. I remember the 20 minute naps and the screaming in the carseat very well. It DOES get better though. And, for those of you on your first, this doesn't mean all of your babies will be like this. My first wasn't, and my third is as easy as can be. I spent this whole pregnancy terrified that I would have another baby...
Thanks everyone! I think I will get one, and give it a try next time she is upset in the car. I'm still feeling kind of conflicted, but right now with the weather and the roads so bad, I really need to be able to focus on driving. I am so relieved to hear that so many of you did not have problems with them. Maybe overuse contributes to that sort of thing. And actually, since I posted this, she's been getting a little better about finding her hands, so we'll see.
This is my third baby. I've never used a pacifier before. She is two months old and exclusively breastfed, as were my first two. DD1 goes to a charter school and DD2 is in preschool two days a week. I do a lot of driving. Mostly DD3 is fine, but sometimes when we first get into the car she cries. Even when I know she is well fed and changed. She is often tired. She will suck on my finger and usually fall asleep. The problem is, I don't feel like this is the best...
My three were all born in different hospitals. With DD1 they discouraged it, and even took her to the nursery a few times while I was sleeping. With DD2 they said "oh, we have to leave the bassinet in here in case you don't want the baby in bed with you." With DD3 they said I had to leave a light on while she was sleeping with me. I never figured that one out, but whatever.
Thank you for sharing the pictures. All of your boys are so handsome. I love the one of the three of them wearing matching hats. I am so sorry your littlest one isn't with you now.
Congratulations! I think you are incredible for doing all that with no medication! This time was my most painful labor, but it wasn't back labor. I always hear about how bad that is, and I can't even imagine worse pain than a normal labor. My DD was born with the cord around her neck too, wrapped twice. I always thought it was a bigger deal, but the MW was just like "oh, she has the cord around her neck" and they unwrapped it once she was out.
Congratulations! And I can't get over her hair! She's so precious.
Congratulations on your homebirth! I love her name!
My other two are adjusting well. DD1 said it really just seems like normal. DD2 has had a few issues here and there, but is really doing better than I thought. Fortunately, this LO is so laid-back, which makes things easier (oh, and doesn't SCREAM every time we get in the car like DD2 did--a definite plus!). I'm kind of amazed at how smoothly things have gone so far, but I've found that I'm a lot busier this time, and I am missing all of the resting and bonding I did...
Congratulations! Your birth sounds so wonderful and cozy! I love her name. My oldest is Ariana.
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