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Well, we're in Monument and my dd attends Monument Academy--a charter that (sort of) spun off of The Classical Academy. Both use the classical method / Core Knowlege curriculum. Before we enrolled our daughter, we did a fair bit of research into charter schools in the area. What sort of information are you looking for?
I'm not sure where you are in Denver, but if you run short of options there, I had my twins naturally with Dr. Baer here in CO Springs (and had a doula present, as well). He catches babies at Memorial North now, on the north side of the Springs.
Hi Jamie, My dh is in the Air Force and there is a possibility that he may be reassigned next summer (2011), though he is doing his best to keep us here in CO. I'd like to know if you see us uprooting, or not. Thank you!
Though I found out via u/s (due to suspected mc) at 14 weeks, I could've *easily* gone into and possibly through the 3rd trimester without suspecting a thing. My symptoms were no different than those I'd had with my singleton, except that BH contractions started much earlier. I carried very small both with my singleton and twins, though I was far larger with the twins (but still looked similar to someone carrying a singleton) and one of my twins did not move much in utero.
I have read research (of multiples in utero) that says the exact opposite. I am aware of other delays that more commonly affect twins, but not that one!
I have been told that my nearly 4-y.o. mz twin boys are very 'twinny' and I can now see what they mean. They are together nearly all of the time (unless we physically separate them by each adult taking them to separate locations, or they are in their separate classrooms in preschool). Whether it is a good thing or not depends on the day! Many times they will play happily together (and with their older sister)--and there seem to be more and more of those times. ...
I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope you have an uneventful and beautiful pregnancy and birth.
They are absolutely ADORABLE!!!! I, too, would go with MZ. I was in the same boat, and tend to agree: if you have suspicions they are MZ (and they have the same blood type), they probably are. Enjoy those cuties!
Quote: Originally Posted by 4Marmalade That sounds like a good idea. At that age I would usually wear one and keep the other in their carseat in the store cart (if it was suitable) We did just that!
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