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I'm in the Spfld area (part of the group that littlegreenlady mentioned). I have 3 boys (9, 6.5, and almost 4), and we will be at Forest Park tomorrow for the Farmer's Market at about 1pm and then at the playground next to the zoo by 1:30ish. I'll be wearing a blue backpack. Nice thing is that now that school is back in session in Spfld, it will be easier to spot other homeschoolers ;)
He had 4 DTaP (7/04, 9/04, 11/04 & 8/05). Since they want a copy of the vaccination records, they'll see those dates - I was just going to photocopy the page in the vaccination book & attach it to the form.   I did email the camp to ask about their tetanus requirements. I'd rather know sooner rather than later that we're going to have issues getting him into the camp.   kathymuggle - thank you for your thoughts on vaccinating for tetanus. I read up on it when I...
My son is 8 & we stopped with the vaccinations almost 7 years ago.   I'm in the process of signing him up for a "zoo camp" & the form has a line specifically for "Date of last tetanus vaccination" (it was 8.25.05). There's also a request for a copy of his immunization records.   I'm wondering 2 things:   1. Will the lack of current vaccinations, especially the tetanus, be an issue? I know it will vary from camp to camp, and I'll find out soon enough, but just...
I would love to win a Beco! They're beautiful!   I think to encourage men to babywear, I would focus on how they're so essential & versatile when it comes to parenting that having at least 2 - either one for the baby and one for the toddler during family outings, or one that stays in the house and one that stays in the car - is what lots of men end up doing when they realize how awesome and useful they are.
Thanks, littlegreenlady, for mentioning this thread!   I recommend checking out http://pvhg.net/ - the activity/event calendar is password protected, but when I emailed the site admin for access, they were very friendly and quick to get back to me.   Last year, they had a science fair and I took my sons. I check their site periodically for stuff like that.   I'm a homeschooler in the Springfield area and I'm always on the lookout for other homeschooling...
I've been careful of my soy consumption during pregnancy & breastfeeding, but now that my youngest (and last) is almost 1 and I've found myself leaning away from the dairy/eggs that I used to rely on for protein, I've been eating more tofu. I've also started eating more beans, quinoa, and nuts so I think I have a good variety. But I really enjoy the tofu and trying not to overdo it eepster - ginger and scallions! I've just in the past year started using ginger in my...
how long does it take you to get through it? And just for fun, what's your favorite way to eat tofu?
I debated my VitaMix purchase for a long time before finally getting it, and now I use it almost daily. I make almond milk once a week, peanut butter every other week, and smoothies almost every day. We went on vacation for a week, and I was so sad to leave it behind
2 homebirths, the same midwife each time, she came to me both times.
even though I understand the reasons why water birth is beneficial, I just was uncomfortable with it. I had the pool for both homebirths and got to labor in it the second time. It was awesome, but when I was going into transition, I got out to push and give birth. I love love LOVE being in the water, but not for birthing!
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