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Quote: Originally Posted by caspian's mama maria, have you tried pushing her bedtime a bit later? my son doesn't crash till like 10-1030 most nights, but he sleeps straight through the night until 8-830am. also, i wonder if something herbal could help her to stay asleep once she's down. i think melatonin is best for regulating sleep cycles and the effects are quite mild. please check with an herbalist or naturopath first, though, because i'm not sure if...
That was a wonderful post. Thank you for that.
I am so sorry. My heart aches for you.
Very happy to hear that!
That little girl will probably remember the kindness you showed for the rest of her life. You done good, mama.
I agree...you need to tell her that you contacted Princess House, but didn't report her, however, you can certainly make another phone call...
This thread made me smile. I totally understand.
subbing, will be back later..
We are there too...been there for a while. Hopefully it will be over soon. Ugh.
: Wow..just wow....
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