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Do you mean cystoscopy (scope), not cystostomy (stoma/hole in the belly)? I'm still surprised that the doc recommended circ. And not in a good way surprised. I hope he recovers quickly. The valve ablation is painful enough.
I hope you continue to be comfortable with the care Merrick is receiving. mv
You can refuse the LP. It is your child. If there is no suspicion of meningitis, the test is not ONLY painful, but it is very dangerous. Especially in a child with any abnormalities of the spinal area (deep sacral dimple), an LP should ONLY be done when absolutely necessary. I'm praying they have chosen the right antibiotics and that the sepsis is quickly under control. mv
My son is the one Heather mentioned above. He is doing well now, but my heart aches for you hearing your story. I will send you a PM and my email. mv
Oh Steph I hope it's something more benign like the aide caught him by the hand and accidentally hurt him. Still.
Becky! Fabulous!!!! Congratulations!
He is soooo beautiful! Congratulations!
:Amazing! Congrats!
www.houstonmidwives.org has most of the Houston homebirth midwives listed.
It's just a thought, but my family has a severe allergy to the antibiotic in eye-meds....
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