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We ended up seeing Dr. Alario. Children's in Boston was booking months out with a very arduous process where they request your records, docs review it, and THEN they let you make the appt. It would have been the Fall before anyone ever saw him.   Alario is at UMASS in Worcester on their peds floor. Great experience, easy to talk to team of people. They ended up screening him out so we don't need any followup.    
I am looking for a pediatric rheumatologist in MA. Does anyone know any providers affiliated with UMASS, Children's Hospital or Newton Wellesley?   If there are any providers I should avoid, please pm me with details. Much appreciated.   Thanks in advance!  
Does this stain the armpits of your knit shirts at all? I had a natural deoderant that I loved, but it left dark stains, kind of oily, probably due to the natural oils in it.  
subbing. :)
We have been with Dr Wedda at Marino/Wellesley for maybe 7 years? She had an independent practice for the first couple of years and we followed her to Marino. I have nothing but great things to say about her. My two kids along with myself see her.
I'm not sure if a private school "has" to accept an exemption or if they are free to do as they chose. That said, my kids have been in two different private schools and it hasn't been issue. No questions were asked at all. One school needed a letter or a statement in place of the filled out vax chart. The other sent an exemption form in the welcome packet from the health office .:)
My name is Golden, but I definitely wasn't raised crunchy.
One thing that made a big difference with my sensory guy was to not run the water. We had always turned the water on to fill the bucket. One day, I noticed his whole body relaxed with a big heaving sigh when I turned it off. Now I wash him when he first gets in the tub when the water in the tub is still clean and scoop water from the tub with no running water. The running water in our tub is just really rumbling loud. The other thing very recently he has chosen to do,...
We went my older son was younger. Although we did have a good time, and he was 2 I think, all I remember about was how miserable we were with the stroller. I think it's doable if your kids can handle crowds and walk a distance, or use a baby backpack or carrier. It's also late too, but if you still have nappers maybe that won't be such a big deal.
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