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Ptown for sure. You can also stay in Truro for less and drive to Ptown in a few minutes. Although staying in town and walking from your hotel or B&B up Commercial St. for coffee in the AM or an icecream at night sure is nice. It depends on what you're looking for and your budget.
We share everything but towels and toothbrushes. We have shared a toothbrush though when traveling when he forgot to pack his.
Another recommendation for Mothers and Company!
I'm just seeing this now. I am thrilled for you! They are a great group of women there at MOCO!
Around here, an adult must meet a child at the bus up until a certain age. I'm not positive what age it is b/c my kids attend a private school. However, we get stuck behind this one particular bus that literally stops at every driveway along this 2 mile stretch of road to let off a kid to a parent. These kids are older elementary, like maybe 5th graders? Every.single.stop had an adult. And these were single family homes. The only thing I can guess is that there is...
Were you standing, squating or laying down? If you were squating, things are wayyyy exaggerated with the additional pressure, even on a non-pregnant person. I have a cystocle (prolasped bladder) rectocele (prolapsed rectum) and a had wicked perineal swelling for the last half of my pregnancy. Now, 5 years later, if I squat, I can clearly feel (and see some of it), whereas if I am standing, it all looks fairly normal. And keep your fingers out of your vagina? Really?...
Quote: Originally Posted by bluegreenblue2002 because I do not trust anyone in this building I can't pretend to know what it's like in your shoes, but just based on this, I wouldn't have left him alone. And to compare it to someone leaving their child alone in a room in a large house isn't a fair comparison. That's like apples and oranges, in my opinion. You know who is in your house in a large house, generally, whereas where you live, you don't...
Quote: Originally Posted by annekevdbroek I've been using regular detergent in my HE washer for 6 1/2 years with no problems. I use 1/3 of the regular amount. IDK if the newer machines are different some how, but it seems to work fine for us. Same here. I probably use closer to half the amt. No problems at all. We always use whatever is cheapest in the free and clears....all, purex, arm and hammer, etc.
Are you also making sure you are giving the probiotic half way between doses of antibiotics?
No way if my mama gut was telling me not to. Have you read The Gift of Fear? https://www.gavindebecker.com/index...._gift_of_fear/
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