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I second Moco. It's just a few minutes from 495.
We use the rectangle towel mats. We use them for about 4-5 days and then I replace it with a clean one.
My kids, almost 10 and 5, go to a Montessori school. The school offers the primary program, ages 3-6, and then the elementary program, 6-12. We've been there for 7 years and they have no regular homework. A couple times a year they have intensive research projects that require a half hour of internet research that can't be done at school. Some children do end up needing to do some parts at home, again, just for these couple times a year projects, but in general, my son has...
You're probably right about the lower gluten/lower protein, although if she is using half WW and half white right now, 100% WW Pastry flour, should be higher.
Have you ever used Whole Wheat Pastry flour? I know you said you use half WW. I know generally that is all I can tolerate when it comes to WW flour - 50%. I discovered WW pastry flour and now I use it almost exclusively, especially for muffins and pancakes. I use Bob's Red Mill. My Job Lot sells it in 5 pound bags for a few dollars. And yes, you can add almond meal too to increase the protein count even further. I don't like nuts in my muffins either but it isn't...
Well, this is intriguing about the chicken poop. The fact that people will take anything for free doesn't surprise me. We aren't even rural, subruban actually and I have seen plenty of people offering up manure. They always say you need to have a vehicle though, of course. Can't see scooping it into the back of the minivan! I buy organic eggs from a mother at school. I should ask her for some chicken poop. Is it easy to get into a bucket and transport in the back of a...
chocolate chips in both! Or you could use carob chips too.
I read somewhere that you were supposed to crush it to release all that goodness, and then let it sit out for about 15 minutes to let "something" air out/evaporate that then makes it easier on your stomach and mouth. I do the above and add it to pasta with butter and a shake of parm. Even the kids eat it this way.
My two boys just had it this past week. Not a big deal, other than missing a week of school.
Those of you who have had muddy results with the coffee press- were you sure to make sure the coffee was ground very coarsely? This is hard to do on your own with a blade grinder. I grind at the health food store on the coarsest it will grind - I thnk the setting is "perc". If it's smaller than that, or some parts of it are like what is likely to come from a blade grinder, you get mud, or silt as I call it. I love the coffee press. When our coffee maker died, we got...
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