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I didn't with either of my two. Neither of my kids grew any hair for two years though. Baldie babies! We used cloth diapers and had thick cloth wipes with a warm soapy solution on the changing table so they were wiped down regularly, easily. When they needed a thorough wash, I took a bath with them. It was much warmer for them, and had the added bonus of mama got to relax and play in the tub. I only did it though when DH was home and able to hand me the baby and to take...
I'm from Hudson, but there is another mama here (gurumama) who lives very near where you are looking. I'll go nudge her. Maybe I can get her to reply here.
Ikea sells quite small islands, like microwave cart sized. What is in all those cabinets? I have about the same number of cabinets and I was ruthless about putting things that I used less than once a week elsewhere. I have a small dresser with deep drawers that is in the basement with the TV on it. That is where I keep my lasagna pans, pie pans, placemats and napkins, and extra cassarole dishes. My crockpot in the basement too on a shelf under the stairs. I know you said...
Quote: Originally Posted by BklynMomma If anyone is in the Westborough area, I believe there are a few shares left in the Heirloom Harvest CSA. We just received our first share this weekend and it's huge!! I have greens and lettuce coming out of my ears. HH's website says they are full for 2009.
We love our peds dentist in Sudbury on Route 20. My youngest is unvaxed (4.5) and it's never been mentioned. Let me know if you are interested.
I wish all boosters were latchable. It really is ridiculous that they aren't, just simply that they don't become projectiles when unoccupied in an accident.
Quote: Originally Posted by bettyjones Well to begin with I am a Montessori teacher (6-12 yr olds). So I have a very strong belief in the Montessori Method. At the same time, my husband and I wanted to raise our children in a way we had been raised. What you must remember when reading this book is that Montessori sought to "aid development". So the goal is to aid the child in being an independent being. What I liked about the book: respecting...
Quote: Originally Posted by anamama So, is a child bed basically a mattress on the floor for the child? Would a low to the floor toddler bed be considered a child bed? It needs to be on the floor. This is for infants. A futon is ideal, instead of a standard thickness mattress if you are introducing this as a young barely crawling infant. Obviously a young toddler, it wouldn't matter how thick it was because they could safely get off a regular...
Quote: Originally Posted by oceanbaby I am pretty uptight about carseat safety, but when we went to NYC we did not use carseats in cabs - we just couldn't figure out a way to do it without lugging a huge carseat around all the time (ds1 was 3yo at the time). If they were literally going to be in the car for 5 minutes the entire trip, I could see not bringing a carseat. Disney is about 30 minutes away from Orlando airport...down a major highway.
I am a mother to only boys, Dakota and Keegan, but my name is unusual. My name is Golden. Sure I got teased and called Golden Retreiver as a kid, but as an adult, I love it. Sure is a conversation starter!
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