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I use water in a steam mop. My floors are sealed. Also, i don't linger in one spot like I might on the tile floors in the bathroom or sticky spots in the kitchen. So I think the risk of ruining the floors is minimal. It's pretty quick to steam mop the woods floors as they don't get food or urine (bathroom!) dirty.
I keep them in a small rectangle basket that is on a small bookself about 4 feet from the table. Easy enough. I wish I had prettier napkins though.
How about just a slinky for each kid? We gave out those at a party once. They were quite a hit.
We have one of these. We got it when we took my 3 year old to Disney. I actually got it at the mall from one of those jewlery kiosks. Got it engraved right on the spot. I think it was like $25. The ones here in the link look very similar and cheaper. http://www.stickyj.com/bracelets-spo...bracelets.html
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My 3.5 year old son went me with for all my infertility treatments. I just strapped him into his stroller and gave him his snack up by my head. No big deal. Really.
We had the Baby Bjorn ring also. When he was first learning though, we had the larger sized baby bjorn free standing potty seat. When he a bit of time under his belt (and I was done with rinsing the bucket of poop!), he moved to the toilet with the BB toilet ring. It sits nice and secure, has a rubber loop to hang it if you want to and was easy to clean. The other important thing is to have a stool that is the right height to comfortably get up there and to rest their...
Cut the whole stem off! That was so irritating! I haven't had any trouble with removal. I just pinch the bottom of the cup to break the suction and it comes right out. In terms of getting it to open inside, I just keep turning it or tilting it forward and back and eventually it opens.
I've used straight honey for awhile and this worked great. I am have been using the OCM now for maybe 9 months? So far, I my skin has been great. I used to use proactiv for a reference. I got tired though of doing it at night over the sink. It was a pain with my hair, the mess, etc. Now I just do it in the shower in the morning. Wet hair stays back out the way, I can use as much water (and a face cloth) as I need and no mess. It leaves a small amt of oil on bottom of...
Quote: Originally Posted by ThereseReich I use the Crystal roll-on too and I like it. That's too bad that your skin is being irritated by something in it. Using plain coconut oil doesn't work for me either, but I wish it did. My mom placed an order from mountainroseherbs.com and bought me some Nourish Wild Greens Deodorant, so I started using that recently and I've been impressed with how well it works (comparable to the Crystal). The ingredients seem...
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