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Usually I'm asked if its okay. I don't personally mind if its my exam. Just doesn't bother me. But if it did and even if they didn't ask if it were okay, I'd just speak up and let them know I'd prefer to not have student observers.
I had a fever when I was pregnant with DD2 and my midwife wasn't too concerned. If you are, you could try some cool showers and wash cloths on the forehead and armpits. Feel better soon.
I've been to Dr. Sunit Jolly and Milton Chiropractic in Quincy and really enjoy her. She's seen my whole family in fact.
I'm trying to find a good naturopath on the south shore. I've never been to one before. I live closer to Boston than RI so the closer the better. Any recommendations?
Mostly for me it was when I was laying in bed. I would be as airy as I could. I don't bleed to heavily after birth after a couple of days.
I have a goofy guilty pleasure. I like to watch Wizards of Waverly Place. There is a character on there named Harper. She's a girl. So that is what I thought of. Girl.
I found taking calcium magnesium to be very helpful with constipation. Usually around 1000cal/500mag. Sometimes a cup of coffee in the morning (regular caffeine) can help as well.
My supplements: Vit D 2000-5000IU CLO Probiotic B Complex Garlic Ginger I'm also going to get a blend of thieves oil. Frequent handwashing and minimizing trips to crowded areas.
This is my third baby and I asked a similar question around week 6 when I hadn't had morning sickness or aversions of any kind yet. Oh but it hit. There is still plenty of time
Nevermind the scheduling aspect (which is crazy), but if I'm at a hospital and ask for food for MY child, no one had better tell me NO. Unless there is some actual, valid, medical reason (like they are about to head into surgery). If someone tried to tell me NO my mama bear would emerge. And my post partum mama bear is not nice.
New Posts  All Forums: