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I couldn't attend due to other commitments last Saturday, but from what I've heard it went well! The owner apparently called the cops on them, but because they'd done their homework beforehand, they were completely legal in where they were protesting and the cop told them they were fine and waved & honked as he drove away.
I've always used the MOM form and neither daycare nor Public School made an issue of it.
Quote: Originally Posted by shannon1975 Hi Kezoo, Are you in Kalamazoo area? Can you provide me with your pedi's info? We are in Plainwell, but go to Kzoo for most things. Thanks! Yes, I'm in Portage/Kalamazoo. We go to Trestlewood Pediatrics and our primary doc there is Dr. Page, but we have also seen Dr. Somers & Dr. VanEs without problem.
Quote: Originally Posted by elle7715 Hmm this is my third year filling out those and I've always put the same thing. "I do not believe the benefits of vaccines outeigh the risks for our family at this time" or something very similar. I didn't know you could just put "philosophical" down. I'll do that from now on. Yes, I've always put something similar to that and I've never had a problem (either with daycare or the public school system). Well,...
Welcome to Kalamazoo! Yes, I imagine it will be quite an adjustment from SF! Sorry, I don't have a female OB recommendation, my OB/GYN is a man. He is very nice, easy-going and experienced though, so I'll pass along his name in case you don't find a woman you like: Dr. James Bateman (his office is in Bronson Hospital). GL!
We have used them & the worked like magic on my dd. She would be screaming in the middle of the night, we'd give her 2 tablets & her screaming would stop like we'd flipped a switch & she'd go straight back to sleep. They are a homeopathic remedy (we use homeopathics as our primary "medications"); if you aren't familar w/ homeopathics, do a search here or google it. I can't type it all out, I;'m naking...
Hmmm, yeah, I say use this as an excuse to get yourself a set of KnitPicks Options!!!
Yup, Curly Purly! Here's mine on my nb: http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b1...6/IMG_2989.jpg And here are some size small shorties knit from the LTK Picky Pants pattern: http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b1...6/IMG_3006.jpg
Well, dd was 2.5, and it was totally child-led. I was about 5 mos pg, and she told me there wasn't much milk left...then the next day at naptime, I asked her if she wanted any "mamo" (her phrase for breasts), and she said "Weeeeellll, I think that can be for the new baby now." I was amazed!! I told her what a great big sister she was, and basically that was it. She did ask again to nurse sometime around February, so I let her try, but she had already forgotten how to...
ITA w/ ditching the bottles (yes, it will be hard) and great idea to go to an LLL meeting. I'm sure you'll get great advice there. I'm sure you're tired and frustrated, but hang in there - it will get better!!
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