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Quote: Originally Posted by Jokerama I think there should be looser guidelines and everyone should be able to get it. Where would this money come from?
Quote: Originally Posted by jlazx2 your kidding right? There were no red flags in my relationship. Everything changed after we bought a nice house & then all of a sudden it was about the housse & the money & the image. No indication at all of the abuse. You cant know how someone will react to kids & a house unless they already had those things. No, I am not kidding. I said many, not all. Sorry you were blindsided.
Yes, absolutely, without a doubt. And a time limit as well.
I'm going to play with your title here and make a corny analogy! Fireproofing is something you beforehand, to prevent a problem...so in the same way, perhaps people who are on shaky financial ground should wait until they are more stable to have kids. Now the question will come up: what about people who cannot get on stable financial ground? I don't know. Cross their fingers and hope for the best? That's what seems like is happening a lot. Personally, if I...
We have a Sienna and we love it!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by captain optimism but we do as a group have a lot of partners who are hitters, drinkers, drug abusers, unwilling to support the family financially... Are you talking just mdc here, or women in general? I'm assuming the former?
I am glad to see I am not the only one who has these thoughts, though I'm sorry to hear you guys are going through them too! I mentioned this in an earlier post today...when I get a thought like this I imagine a giant STOP sign in my head and just try my hardest to block out the thought.
I don't feel any which way about it, and honestly I can't figure why some people get their feathers all ruffled. DH and I each have a job...he works in his particular field and is rewarded with money. I stay home and care for our child which rewards me with satisfaction, and also rewards dh and I with the fact that we don't have to worry about what our child is doing all day at some day-care center. In the long run, we will (hopefully) be rewarded with a grown daughter...
Thank you so much for the info. I have to say to all of you who work/worked in a library.... I AM SOOO JEALOUS. That would be my dream job! I taught English for a while, and I thought about getting a master's degree in library science, but didn't really want to start over. I'd love to work on a part-time basis in a library some day though!
This may sound hokey, for lack of a better word, but if I find myself with an negative or unwanted thought, I will picture a huge STOP sign in my head and say "Stop" in my head over and over until it passes!
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