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You could also bake a bunch of ricotta cookies to give away at the holidays. Example: http://www.cooks.com/rec/view/0,1918...232205,00.html
If you were willing to learn how to roast coffee (which actually makes for tastier coffee because you make it in small batches so it's fresher), you can buy green coffee beans relatively inexpensively. My husband likes Sweet Maria's. Search for "organic" or "fto" -fair trade organic. Multiple pounds offer greater discounts and the site has coffee-roasting advice and whatnot.
We sold a house two years ago. We listed on craigslist with a totally bad response - people called but would offer ridiculously low sums because the real estate market was already quite soft here. We also listed on the MLS with a guy who provided that service for a flat fee (another small fee got us good pictures on the listing). He also offered to walk us through the closing for another flat fee. Everything else was up to us - he would take the calls that someone was...
I let two $5 off any purchase coupons for our local grocery/big box store expire at the end of July. It's our main grocery store and only a mile away so we're there for both big and small purchases all the time but I just spaced on the coupons. I just spent a four-digit sum on my youngest's first preschool/daycare tuition payment (not usually quite so high, but there was a supplies fee as well). I work as a substitute teacher - low pay and unpredictable days of work - so...
I've been subbing for the past year with an almost-preschooler (and one in school). Childcare is hard! I got by for the first half of the year because my husband was laid off and then his parents came to help. Then I completely lucked out by scouring craigslist childcare ads ad nauseum & finding a flexible, home-based, kind of crunchy daycare/babysitter on the way to the one school that I subbed at (I only subbed at one b/c I couldn't afford to pay aftercare for my...
I found a pair of "practically new" (no scuff marks, no tread wear, no dirt) Keen sandals in the next size up for my elder son at a thrift store for $5. Plus a bunch of signed-by-the-author children's books for $0.80 each (I'm a would-be reading teacher so that's quite thrilling).
Check out a hardware store like Ace. I saw one at our local store, which was the only place I could find a retractable clothes line.
Quote: Originally Posted by soccermama Just found out that some folks across the street from us have put their house on the market and are selling it for a lot less than we intend on selling ours for. A slight vocabulary adjustment might be in order here: They are asking less than you are intending to ask. What either of you will actually sell (or not sell) the houses for depends on the market and the buyer. "Profit" is a squishy concept in...
EBF and co-slept, which I think she did as well. I also know that she doesn't just make prescriptions willy-nilly and that she has a comfortable, kind of low-key bedside manner.
I've been very pleased with her, though I'm not sure what boundaries she might have because we don't push most boundaries medically-speaking.
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