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yeah being rich doesnt buy you the desire to work on your issues. if anything ---really really rich people have even more of an obsticle sometimes, because everything material is so much easier for them, it is easy to escape and not look at any of your problems. and no i am not being prejudiced.. i just broke up with someone from a billionaire family as far as i can tell, if you arent forced by the school of hard knocks to take a good look at yourself, sometimes it can...
i like not having everything i want. it gives me a lot to look forward to! my wants and my "everything" are not all material. some of it is.. and right now i guess i feel hopeful and am having fun working toward my goals.
this just brought me to tears this morning. i am so sorry, and yes that must be the weirdest , most surreal thing to ever watch i am very glad they invited you to talk with the councillor. let us know how you are doing. i have used MDC in really hard times myself , and i am just glad that all the things people said to you helped you out! its so nice there is an easy way to reach out. take care!
what? i thought it was just video/vioce chat. not a message board. i wasnt talking about any kind of open forum but to have a chat with the TAO gang sometime... nevermind!
i didnt read all the conversation here cuz i am sorry, i do want to see what else has been said i jsut dont have time right now, cuz of bedtime , etc. but i wanted to suggest that you talk with a crisis councillor, i mean even just call a hotline. you probably have post traumatic stress , and you will for a little while, and it will help you a lot to have an experienced person help you talk it out. how terrible. i am so so so so glad it turned out okay. you can...
and is it unsafe to try to arange a skype session amongst us here? I just tried it for the first time and it was so fun! can a person have more than one ID on there? and what are ways to protect your identity in case weirdos read this board ( i mean aside from us mama weirdos)
oooh! and another place to look besides Freecycle is a local appliance store. People have the delivery people take the old ones away for them. A lot of times the old ones work but get scrapped! Maybe you know someone who works at one or can offer whatever the scrapyard would pay? its worth a try.. everyone is switching to front loaders these days. its a good time to get a free washer. believe me.
i pm'ed you.. to see if you are in my area..
oh no! do they live near some sort of envrionmental danger? oh this is so very sad... i will have them in my thoughts also. poor little kids!
Quote: Originally Posted by sapphire_chan Anyway, I'm annoyed at the whole double standard of "why were you even paying attention to them to even know if there was something going on???" versus "ugh, people didn't even notice that there was a problem, how can people be so callous???" so I just do whatever feels right at the time. If the person wants to take offense and come online to make a whiny post, that's their business. If the person...
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