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gabbly. its called gabbly.
i think we should agree on an alternate, emergency meeting place for dire times like that. like even a chat room. oh wait! what if we just agree to chat on that one thing that turns any website into a chat... what is it called again? i have chatted here oon it before. would that tie up the server if we just went to the main page and could chat?
Quote: Originally Posted by dancingmama Are you serious? Ladylike? Do people think about "ladylike?" Is this a real question??? :roflmao this thread is so funny!
i just realized i threw the term " womens network " out there with out explaining... i mean like when oyu call your girlfriends and see if anyone knows anything about a guy. this is a small enough town that i just call up anyone thats been here more than 5 years and can get info! LOL
so... i got on the women's network about coffee guy, and found out some things that i would rather not get involved with. then, i was moving more today, with 2 helpers thank god, and coffee guy comes over to flirt with me. awkwardly stands around.. i say : hey are you gonna start loading stuff in the truck or what? you cant just stand around over here" jokingly, of course... but seriously too. i couldnt talk right then, i had ALL my junk all over the yard and was...
cluster feeding= dehydration? gotta go to sleep but wanted to quick throw that out there...
I cant even spell DCCCCCCCCCCCCC'd right, but i am so excited about the PAPA one! lol!!! LOLOL !!!!!!! thank you !
unladylike? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOOLOLOLLOOLOLOLOL OLLOL Quote: Originally Posted by skyastara I think they are undignified for people of any gender or age. If I would do them with a son I would do them with a daughter. I won't do them with either.
how come as soon as i dont care if i am single, it just rains men. here is my day: handsome man from across the street whom i have never spoken to sees me moving in my Uhaul and comes over to chat and asks me if i will have coffee with him some time then, a very nice friend that i like a lot tells me he has feelings for me! same day. nothing like this has really happened in forever. but i havent cared. what the heck. i am extremely flattered and it makes me...
plus, look at the bright side... maybe she will now be a little more choosey about where he runs, and/or he will stick closer to her it might have been a case of mama exhastion, or a simple mistake. she might even be posting on some message board somewhere going OMG someone stepped on my kid, i feel so guilty! so even if they dont forget it for a while most likely it will be a learning experince...
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