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Oh, no! I never heard that it was only supposed to be one space now. I ALWAYS do two. I can't imagine only doing one. I guess I will try and see if I can do it. When did this change happen? Crazy!! And FWIW with all the age/generation discussion I am 29.
I planned to do this but my kids (who are great friends) just will not behave when they are in the same bed. They roll around, talk, poke at each other... so dd (2 years old) has her own twin bed and ds (4 years old) sleeps in the full.
I guess I am in the minority but I don't quite understand why the kitchen table would have stuff on it? I guess I would be in a position to give advice since ours is always clear but since it isn't something I struggle with I am not sure I can find any tips. I will describe our situation. We have 700-some square feet on the main floor with no entryway. You walk straight into either the kitchen (from the back) or the living room (from the front) and the two rooms are...
If it was me and if my dh's youngest sister was still under age, I would tell dh and let him be the one to talk to his sister and/or parents about it.
Quote: Originally Posted by MCatLvrMom2A&X I just googled Fifths disease and got some photo's that look similar. But rashes are so hard to identify because some look very similar to others. Fifth is kind of lacy looking. My kids and their cousins just all had it... FWIW none of them were itchy or had raised areas or pimples. It was this flat, lacy rash (little red circles with clear, flesh colored centers) and a low grade fever.
Quote: Originally Posted by spughy Thanks for all the suggestions... I am kind of leaning towards letting her go, to be honest... just trying to prime her to think critically about what she sees. How do you do that with a 5 year old??? She already gets that we don't buy stuff with cartoon characters on it, because that's paying to advertise stuff, and using a child to do it, and that's wrong, and I can certainly cover a few ways that the way Disney...
My kids are 4 and 2 now but things they got that age that are still in use today are: Lego Duplo/Lego Quattro Melissa & Doug Chomp & Clack Alligator Push Toy Playsilks Wooden Building Blocks Aprons Toy Tools Baby Doll Baby Cradle Baby Stroller Sandbox
I put away ds' big metal ride on fire truck. I hide it in my room. It is heavy and our house is small. I am afraid of kids getting all wild and fighting over it and someone getting hurt. Depending on the guest I sometimes put away ds' big Bruder truck that he got for Christmas. He has some friends who have broken his brand new Christmas toys in the past and I don't want a repeat with this one.
I think about this ALL THE TIME!!! How crazy it must be to be a baby or a small child. One minute you are in the car, and the next thing you know you are in the grocery store. Or your bed. Or Grandma's house. And this happens all day, every day. And to think that you have no idea where you have all been while you were asleep! You could have been dragged to two or three places already and never even knew it. I mostly think about it with my 2 year old dd. She...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mama2Bug Around here, our toy nemesis isn't small at all. It's a huge, handmade, wooden rocking horse. (This is not ours, but it's very similar.) And it wants us all dead. Everyone has tripped over the thing at least once a week since it arrived three years ago. A few times the trippee (sp?) has taken a hard enough dive to break part of "Horses" off and cause it to need repair. Many times, the tripee needs repair. I've tried...
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