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Quote: Originally Posted by Hokulele I can't believe only one other person chose wooden blocks. Yeeeeouch! They are worse than toy cars, and certainly rival legos. Maybe we just have the extra-sharp-cornered kind of wooden block. I'm with you. Legos were a close second for me, but wooden blocks are THE WORST!
I am sure you have already thought of this but we would just put the older one to bed in the bedroom and nurse the baby to sleep in the living room. Then when the older child was asleep I would sneak in and lay the sleeping baby down.
Quote: Originally Posted by MrsMike I think that is genius! Most likely it isn't a problem. I think younger kids tend to fixate like that for a long time. As long as he is typical in most other ways I wouldn't be too worried. We have had obsessions here, too. Firetrucks have been big for a long time. We've also had a cars obsession and currently have a dragon/dinosaur obsession. For the most part, in most kids, it's a normal part of...
Not really. We wanted the kids to be 2 years apart so we just went with that, even though ds was nursing, not sttn, etc etc. We knew he would change a lot during the 9 months and it all worked out. Same with #3.
I have this and really like it: http://www.williams-sonoma.com/produ...||0&cm_src=SCH and I also really like my baking pans from WS.
I just wanted to pipe in and say you are not alone!!! My ds won't start K until 2011 but I am ALREADY stressed over it. My kids naturally get up around 6 AM but even then, getting everyone washed, dressed, fed, pottied and out the door by 7:45 seems totally crazy to me. At this point if it is a good day we are ready to go by around 8:30 or 9. I admit that we do a lot of lazing around though--they watch TV while I drink my coffee and feed the baby, etc. I normally cook...
Quote: Originally Posted by tzs yep to robeez. also carters makes these "bubble" socks. they have these knit "bubbles" of color around the edges. those are the only ones i've gotten to work but i haven;t tried old navy I agree... I only buy the Carter's bubble socks for infants. They stay on great! As for pulling socks off, I either do the Ministar shoes from Target (like Robeez) or I just don't worry about it.
I am not sure how much you are willing to cut back, but I was in a similar place when I quit working. It was a tight squeeze and the numbers didn't seem to add up. To cut back we canceled cable, sold off one of the cars (save on registration, insurance, gas, etc), and went on a family cell phone plan with my mom, brother and aunt ($30/each for everyone vs $100+ for just dh and me). We also canceled our home phone and newspaper. And we put a year or two worth of car...
Quote: Originally Posted by LauraLoo Do the spots fill up, or could you wait until Jan. to enroll him? Are you able to do other activities - like a mommy & me class - that would give him the experience of an organized setting? I have been working on enrichment classes but we can't do any parent/child ones because I have two little ones and siblings are never allowed. We did a few rec classes too but they were so terrible! And when I was...
Goats milk and I start around 10 months. Only because I can't pump and for the few short times I leave, by that age I feel comfortable using goats milk bottles instead.
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