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I agree, specific experience with assisting breastfeeding moms is essential. Also, recognizing signs of depression and anxiety is a must. PP Doulaing isn't childcare, it is caring for the PP mom. Active listening, hands on breastfeeding help, these things do need some specific training. When women are paying for PP Doula services ($35/hr and up in my area) they are expecting a professional who can provide them with everything they have read about. That said, Birth Arts...
I am also in the Fairwood area. My youngest is 2.5
I attended a doula workshop locally this past May. Loved it! My trainer was awesome and the other women there were wonderful. I am very impressed with the quality and rigor of the BAI certification program as well. Definitely contact Demetria with specific questions. :-)
Yuck. Horrible, evident bias. Women have a right to choose where they birth. I am so frustrated with so-called expert organizations publishing anti homebirth propaganda and calling it fact. :banghead
I am a blended family mom. My oldest is 16, born when I was 27. My husband had children earlier, thus the grandchild. I am a second year midwifery student and new to doula work. No apprenticeship yet. My youngest is not quite 2.5 and I want to be available to her ft until she turns three. Before my divorce I had a plan to start midwifery school after my then-youngest turned three. Those are the questions I asked myself. An on-call lifestyle with young children places a...
From my perspective it depends upon which programs and, most importantly, which role you want to fill right now. Do you want to take vitals and do charting at births? Do you want to devote several hours a week to studying? Do you want to live an on-call lifestyle? What pulls at you the most and fits you and your family's needs right now?
I chose Birth Arts International for my doula training. I loved the workshop and the instructor. They have online options plus scholarships. Birtharts.com No limits on scope of practice when certifying with them. I am not yet certified because I am busy with midwifery school. :-)
I am in my second year with AAMI. I completed the "orientation" portion right on schedule. Now the intensive, never ending research begins! I am participating in the additional modules and am very challenged. I finally took a doula training through BAI this past spring. No apprenticeship on the horizon. I am still home with my toddler.:-)
It depends on where you live and which approach you want to take. You could try a Google search for midwifery school with your zip code to see what comes up.
I read about that. That really stinks. State medical insurance has covered homebirth for more than a decade (edit: it's closer to three decades) here in WA. I wonder why more women with private insurance don't choose DEM care. Or does private insurance not cover homebirth?
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