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I am so lost. Jeannie and I just returned from our second visit to the dentist. The first one was a holisitc dentist, but it took us 35 minuts to get from the front door to the chair. The staff and the dentist, Dr. Jill were really accomidating and wonderful. But we were referred to another dentist in hopes that the cavities will be filled and a cleaning for her teeth. This dentist a nice woman with 3 children, found the cavaties and found that Jeannie has the...
Thanks Theresa for your information and support. I will take my time and pursue other things (herbalist courses, etc) first and also do reading a writing for LLL a bit at a time. Thank you again! Blessings, Beth
Theresa thanks for the information about the LC exam. I did not know that. Another good reason to become a Leader. In taking this time to evaluate, I have come to realize that I will take my application process very very slowly. I may take a year just to apply. Thanks again blessings, beth ps. I grew up in Lafayette Hill PA just outside of Philly. Near Plymouth Meeting. It was a great experience.
thanks mama maggie and welcome! Balance is the key and I will look for the book the Master Cleanser. I would think that while bf-ing the master cleanse should not be done.....that way the baby/ toddler won't get any toxins release into the b-milk. thanks, Beth
Applejuice, I have no words of advice, just wanted you to know that you and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. Maybe keeping written documentation too would be helpful - like a journal - just to have everything written down from your perspective. Plus it may help you..... thinking of you, Beth
thanks Juli and Jazmommie, I think I am beginning to understand. Still lost about the lemon, but Juli, take your time, I'll look into the books that Jazmommie described and see if I can find out more. thank you again blessings, beth
alkaline or acidic? I have been researching this and I am confused. It is recommended in several books to drink a glass of water with a few drops of lemon in it every morning. This, I understand, helps the body become more alkaline. How can lemon, an acid, help the body become alkaline? I am confused. : Anyone know the answers to this? Thanks and blessings, Beth
Jazmommie - that's good to know. I may try it, as you do, a few time during my cycle. I can also see after one or two capsules what the effect (s) are with dd. thanks again, Beth
Jazmommie Thank you too! I appreciate the information on Dong Quai. I have researched this herb before, but have been reluctant to take it because I am still breastfeeding my three year old. I was told not to use Dong Quai when BF-ing. Thanks too for notating the book, I will see if I can find it. I am always looking for more information on herbs. blessings, Beth
Thanks 3 girls 1 boy. I did not know about the LLL history. I have alot to learn. I appreciate your help Beth
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