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Quote: Originally Posted by justmama that's amazing!!!! do you want to share the total amt paid off or is that too personal? But congratulations. That's incredible. You must feel so free!!!!!! I cut mine in half last month. Down to the last $1700 and I am finally seeing the light!!!!!! Good for you for getting it down that much in one month! I don't want to share details online - sorry to disappoint the numbers gurus. It was big...
Quote: Originally Posted by orangecanoe awesome! (*whispers* just did the same here yesterday! ...on to BS2!) ooooooh, I am so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you were here, we could have a party!
our credit card debt is gone
Cheap. Fast. Good. It does have a good amount of basics in it, but it also has a lot of cheap and easy recipes. Sometimes the "basics" books have complicated or expensive recipes, YK?
Not to be a downer, but a friend of mine graduated from nursing school last year and most of her classmates did not find work after graduation. She was one of the lucky few. With the economy and the job market the way it is, I wouldn't count on being able to get work, and I would keep plugging away on a cash basis, like you're doing.
Hmm. Maybe I'll consider it an act of personal activism to get and use dollar coins instead of bills. I do a partial envelope system and I could manage this with ziplocks. LOL. Not that I feel any obligation to help our spendthrift government manage their bottom line, nor do I think it will personally save me money. But the environmental impact may be compelling.
Quote: Originally Posted by nudnik Don't think your time was wasted! The good part about these forums is that lots of people read them, including many in similar situations, and even if OP doesn't benefit from the post, chances are that someone else will. Thank you so much - this is a really important point. I forget how many people read and lurk here who are not actively participating in the conversation.
Quote: Originally Posted by bobandjess99 I would like to sincerely apologize to you. I should have been more clear a the beginning that I wasn't looking for specific ideas, but rather venting/lamenting the situation in general. Apology accepted, with thanks. I wish so much I could do something to help you. I hope things turn around somehow.
Quote: Originally Posted by joyluc My DH who is a bit of a coin geek says that this is not a US Mint campaign although the argument that coins last longer is true. He says that the Mint has been really careful not to take a position on this issue. That is interesting, but I think he is wrong. I have here a money envelope from my bank - the kind you can get for free when you withdraw cash and need someplace to tuck the bills - and the same...
I found this interesting. Make A Lasting Change. It's a campaign by the US Mint to get people to use dollar coins instead of paper dollars. I cannot find a link to anything supporting the claim of $500,000,000 annual savings. It sounds kind of farfetched to me. On the other hand, I wonder if it's further evidence that the US government is tightening its belt and trying to find new ways to save money. What do you think?
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