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The pertussis vaccine doesn't create herd immunity.   http://insidevaccines.com/wordpress/vaccine-efficacy-how-often-do-vaccines-work/dtap/pertussis-vaccine-and-transmission/   The measles vaccine does.   http://insidevaccines.com/wordpress/2010/02/11/vaccine-myths-round-two/   Mystery solved!
    Exactly. Prevaccine we had 300-500 measles deaths a year. There is NO WAY we have endemic measles now, and there are either 1) no deaths, or 2) ALL the deaths being misdiagnosed.
Coughing several times a day for months with no other symptom is not a symptom of carrying Hib. I'd guess it's a really, really mild allergy causing mucous, and like your doc said, it dries overnight and she coughs/clears it out in the AM.
  How do you know those kids had real measles if no medical diagnostic tests were done?   Also, you know prevaccine a significant number of infants died from measles every year. Measles is much worse in infants than it is in older kids and adults. So, you think there are still a lot of infants going from sick to DEAD with measles in hospitals across the country each year, but NONE of them are being properly or accurately diagnosed?
Do you practice TCS/CL, or believe that Naomi Aldort's perspective is correct?
To the "don't believe vaccine induced herd immunity is real" people, why do you think we don't (and haven't for a decade) have endemic measles transmission in the US?
I also never felt like disapproval over something I was doing = love withdrawal/conditional love with my "primary attachment figures", either.    
  No, I think there has been some of that, too. I absolutely know what you're talking about there, and yeah, there's been some of that over the years, as well. It's both, IMO.   I also agree about the "Sometimes nothing 'works' when they're one, two, and three" thing. Actually, being evangelical about that message was one of my main reasons for coming back here. lol.   I felt so gawd-awfully guilty when my kid was three and newly 4 and totally still not responding to...
    I suspect that CL and TCS have a pretty high "drop out rate" as kids get older, or more than one kid is thrown into the mix, etc. Especially since there is a certain type of kid temperament (in science literature it's described in terms of "resistance to control") where CL/TCS actually does work out well, and I can see how people think, if that's their only kid, that:   1) the breastfeeding and the cosleeping and the babywearing created the most mellow creature the...
Yeah, I agree with him, then. I don't know if he ever hypothesized about this, but I remember being on the receiving end of absurd praise, and it made me really skeptical about genuine compliments/positive feedback. I also remember thinking the adults doing it were full of shit. lol. Those two aspects kind of played off each other a lot, too.
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