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Yes. http://www.mothering.com/community/forum/thread/69072/polemic
The research Kohn was inspired by wasn't comparing unpraised kids against "averagely praised" kids, tho. It's comparing the average (natural, you could say) amount of praise against "excessive" (unnatural?) praise.
  The whole "Not compromise! Compromise is bad, too!" thing was TCS, iirc. I think they get confused because CL basically is zombie TCS, which I guess had to be invented (or something) after talk of TCS was banned here. lol.    
  I think it's going to vary a LOT from kid to kid. With the first part:   "...if we don't think it is developmentally appropriate for young children to understand how their actions/desires/needs cause a negative experience for us..."   One of my kids was 5 or 6 before he really seemed to care that what he was doing caused me distress. My other kid was incredibly sensitive and concerned about not causing anyone distress by 12 months.   With the second part:   "...it...
  Interesting, and I believe you. You really never even used any logical consequences with her?  
It (the "coersion and consequences are BAD!" theory of parenting) was a disaster with my temperamentally "spirited" kid. It works great with my other kid who is more of a natural "people pleaser."     I've decided that nobody really knows what's going on with this stuff. I STRONGLY suspect that different kid need different parenting styles, depending on temperament. I did find this in google...
  I'm all about patient autonomy, too. But that's not what's being criticized. It's Mothering's advocacy of HIV/AIDS denialism that's being criticized.
  Did Mothering/Peggy change her/their/its mind about AIDS denialism 15 years ago?   And can you link me to any threads where this issue has "played out" before here?  
  There's nothing speculative about it, tho.   They died of AIDS.
I think stuff like this is GD:   http://www.childrensmemorial.org/ce/online/article.aspx?articleID=106         It also helped me bring my "spirited" kid from "probably diagnosable with ODD" into the realm of normality. When I was really freaked out with worry that my kid was going to be diagnosed with a disorder, I was kind of over trying to only use logical and natural consequences and stuff. What I really needed him to learn was that he was no longer allowed to act...
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