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    Because when you act all totalitarian about the ideals, your community is more like a cult than a healthy community? And 99% of the member feel like frauds in some way? And it encourages really silly "us vs them" mentalities over really petty things?      
  I really don't think "letting" people say they love epidurals or whatever means the community is sliding into a position where we'll/ you'll be considered a freak here for nursing a toddler/preschooler and having a NCB. The whole "We have to quiet talk of non AP/NFL practices or we'll end up being seen as freaks for practicing AP/NFL!" idea just doesn't seem to be true to me.   I also think the whole crunch vs mainstream mommy war stuff is kind of silly and kind of...
Yeah, PA insults are honestly much more hurtful, because they're more difficult to address. It's also difficult to actually work out differences with people when you're having to communicate in PA code-speak.
I think this IS the happy medium. I remember when the boards were completely unmoderated, and that wasn't cool. But the extreme overmoderation era, where everyone was expected to only post 100% supportively, non-parenting discussions were shut down, etc, killed the board. Going back to that is certain death for MDC.      
Thank you, Dr Sears. And I'm genuinely sorry for being hostile in response to your response. I hope you can understand why I was upset, but I also know I was pretty rude. And I'm sorry for that.   H-flu replacement really is one of the biggest valid vax debates happening in the scientific community right now. I personally think the phenomenon is real and deserves more attention, too.
  Well, my kids are "afraid" of getting grounded. Like, my (naturally "spirited") 7 yo? I don't think he really believes he would be at a higher risk of death/injury/whatever if he were to wander miles away. I'm pretty sure his primary reason for staying within his wandering boundaries (basically, close enough to where if he screams, I can hear him) is fear of getting grounded, at this point in his intellectual development.   My (naturally "mellow") 3 yo is kind of...
I would really like Dr Sears to at least look at the evidence concerning Hib and NTHi replacement.   Why do you not want to do that, Dr. Sears?
This seems to be roughly on par with how I think of upper middle class:   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Upper_middle_class_in_the_United_States    
Yes, replying without even looking at the evidence is "blowing me off" IMO. Especially combined with the fact that I mentioned that I check google scholar regularly to see what totally new evidence is coming in.  How can he think someone who regularly checks google scholar for the most up to date research needs to be told what h flu is?   I do MMR (mostly for the measles part) and DTaP (mostly for the tetanus part, because of potential injury ER/TIG concerns) somewhat...
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