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No, that's not exactly correct. It's correct for a small handful of people, but a vast majority of the people are "genuine, for real" MDC members, too. The existence of TWWS was kind of an inevitable thing once the moderation over here got so hard core that you basically couldn't debate things out to figure out who is right. A lot of times, fights started off over here but were/are finished over there (and the way it looked over here was like the thread was just removed).
But if the point of the article is to show the reader that we've been fed a load of horsepoo about the prevax threat from infectious diseases, then I can stand behind that.   I think vaccines are useful, lifesaving technology sometimes, but they aren't what saved society from 1890-type infectious disease risks and stats.  
It's not really a controversial idea among epidemiologists that there was a great, vast drop in infant/child mortality from infectious diseases prevaccine. Improved food reliability and clean water, etc matter a LOT.   The question is whether or not, say, 400 measles deaths a year are worth preventing. In spite of that fact that measles killed thousands of kids a year long before the vaccine.
  Can I get a reliable link on the % of OBGYNs not immune to rubella?  
Please stop talking down to me. I apparently know a lot more about this one particular subject than you do. I'm not meaning to come across as arrogant, and I know PCPs know a lot more about other health issues than I do. But at least pretend for a moment that I didn't post this without knowing what h influenzae type b is. (Also Hif, Hie, etc.) I know where on earth all the potential replacement serotypes have popped up threatening to "replace" Hib, Prevnar 19A-style, and...
In a different thread, you mentioned that you don't think replacement is a problem with the Hib vax. Have you looked over the evidence indicating that replacement with Hib might really be happening?   Like: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0264410X10004755         And...   http://cid.oxfordjournals.org/content/44/12/1611.long       There's a lot more evidence, too. I'm just trying to keep it shortish here.   The idea that replacement with h-flu is a real...
Can I participate in the conversation, even tho I'm a selective vaxer?   For me, it would depend on the time period. Before the vaccine was standardized, probably not. It seems like back in the day for a while, any old animal with a pustule disease was  considered a good candidate for using to make a "smallpox vaccine". Even vaccinia, the best of the vaccines there were to choose from, is kind of an orthopox frankenvirus (it's part buffalopox, iirc?) because of how...
That worked out great with one of my kids, but not so great for the other. Different children need different kinds of parenting.
One of my kids just seemed to crave/need more authority, too.   The method I used (still use, but at close to 8 now, he's actually become fairly mellow most days) is:   1) when things with him are getting out of control, he goes to his room, for at least 2 seconds, and he can come back when he's ready to act nicer 2) if he refuses to go to his room, privileges start being removed, or he gets grounded.    
Preteen is a good age to do the MMR if you're not going to get it earlier.   Here are some studies:   http://scholar.google.com/scholar?hl=en&q=rubella+vaccine+arthritis&btnG=Search&as_sdt=0%2C43&as_ylo=&as_vis=0  
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