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I cube and quick saute with olive oil and a bit of garlic or veggie broth, and some mushrooms and baby carrots. easy finger foods when cooled.
I have a Stella McCartney Care products problem . I am an addict. Vegan designer products. I am in heaven!!
We rarely eat soy and have been a veg'n home for 12 years. We do love our grains, especially all the different rice varieties, but if you wanted to steer clear, think mushrooms, salads, thai and curry dishes in large lettuce leaves, frittatas ( if you want to still have eggs) are a great easy dinner. If you are worried about bad -carbs, you might pick up Dr Sears "Soy Zone" cookbook but instead of using tempeh or tofu, substitute with a hearty eggplant, mushroom or beans.
I can only say that as a child who was fed raw goat milk, I still have that weird goat udder taste in my mouth that I can't get rid of!
Quote: Originally Posted by Mama Poot My kids had the flu twice this year, and so did I seriously? confirmed influenza?
7 year old not vaxed- chicken pox 12 year old vaxed- chicken pox
I avoid companies that prey on environmentalist standards but are really just abusers such as the 'Sea Pearl' ( the killing of sponges to stuff up your yoni... people. Anyone who sells those is also off my list which is sad because Glad Rags WAS my favorite company!!
wow you got through! In Miami, we get a busy signal. I am a former 911 operator, and I can tell you just because you are on hold does not mean the operator is not typing in and dispatching.....
therer are many funds which help this special group of babies in need while not hurting animals in the process... here is the Humane Seal List, hope this helps no matter what group you would like to donate too! http://humaneseal.org/search.php?ap=y
MILLIONS of their dollars is spent on the completely unethical research and testing on animals and animal babies. As a maternal and child health worker, and animal rights mom, I would never contribute to MOD. http://marchofcrimes.com/
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