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We are atheists and find religion in school to be offensive and uncomfortable.  The school isn't terribly bad, but stuff does creep in here and there, mostly associate with holidays.   Where I think it's most obvious to me is for my dd who is in chorus.  Now, I understand that much great music has religious origins.  The classical stuff doesn't bother me, but the cheesy hymns, complete with lyrics praising Jesus does bother me.
I think that trying to paint public schools with a broad brush is ridiculous.  There are bad public schools, for sure, but there are also excellent public schools.  So when I hear the hyperbole about our failing schools, I roll my eyes.   That said, I do think that most of the problems in education are societal problems, that no amount of standardized testing or teacher blaming is going to fix.  We currently have the largest income gap in modern history in the US. ...
I agree with the pps that direct deposit is the way to save.  If you don't see the money to begin with, you budget around not having it.  It is also helpful for us to have the direct deposit with a bank, credit union or fund that is not too easily accessible, so that we aren't running to pull out cash every time we feel like treating ourselves.
Our oldest was 11 months at adoption.  She was the queen of tantrums for a very long time.  Hang in there.
I expect to provide the food and beverages, including some alcohol. Sometimes that's beer and wine or sometimes it's liquor.  I try to serve a nice meal and plenty of good food.  In general, I don't buy brand names of anything.  If I knew somebody only drank Diet Coke, I'd buy some, but normally, I'd buy the store brand and serve that because I see no difference.   I actually dislike having people bring stuff, other than a bottle of wine.  It usually doesn't fit with...
The minimal moderation is a huge improvement.  Huge.   This is a board for adults, not for two year olds.  You cannot make rational parenting decisions (or rational decisions about anything in life) if any sort of opposing viewpoint is forbidden.  While yes, AP is the norm here, that doesn't mean that there is a one-size-fits-all for all parenting issues.   If board usage has dropped, I don't think it is response to the moderation.
I heard a few words of good natured grousing from my daughter and she moved on.   If she was ticked off, she'd get over it.  Life isn't fair, which I think was the subject of a different thread a while back.  If I seem insensitive about "fairness," I'd be the first to tell you than I am.  Personally, I don't think you do any favor teaching kids that every class is going to be treated equally to every other class because it's not going to work out that way.  
This isn't something I'd be annoyed over.  While I'd prefer the museum field trip over the bowling alley, I also think the teachers are in a damned if you do and damned if you don't situation with this kind of thing.   I'd be happy to pay the $20.  But I'll bet there are lots of parents who would not and who would complain about it.  Many folks here have suggested fundraising to pay for the trip.  I hate fundraising with a passion and refuse to do any part of it. ...
There are so many interpretations of Christianity that Christians are hardly a monolithic block, although in my experience most Christians tend to believe that all Christians think like they do.   But I've been part of a liberal Quaker meeting where people self-identified as Christian.  I was raised Roman Catholic.  I also was a member of a mainstream Protestant denomination for a time.  None of those groups had the same standards.  There were similarities and important...
She's already anticipating a sudden attack of ebola.  
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