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Where I live in NY, being the primary caregiver or nursing a child does NOT get you out of jury duty. Transportation is your problem. People who bring their kids are given a day to return without said kids or be in contempt. My brother is a judge. I asked him about it when I was called. If you can't serve when you are called, you can ask to be called again at a certain time within the next year. You will be called then and you will be expected to serve. Jury...
Quote: Originally Posted by Irishmommy Can the gifter pass on the tax receipt at least? I think I'd want to donate an equal amount to an equal but opposite charity. So if the donation was to say, the Republicans, I'd donate, in their name, to the Democrats. No, tax deductions aren't something you can give to somebody else.
If I were posting names and addresses, no. Otherwise, sure, private stuff in a non-identifying manner is fine.
I do think that giving "gifts" to charities in somebody's name is lame unless you are positive that the person 1) Would like that sort of thing and 2)Is a fan of the particular charity. Otherwise, I think it's obnoxious. The "giver" makes a donation to something that they want to support, can deduct it from their taxes, and gets to pretend it is a gift. Most of my relatives are of a particular religion, the one in which I was raised. I think this particular...
If you are interested in nursing, I would do that, but if you aren't, I'd spend some time thinking about what I'd like to do that could support my family. I personally wouldn't major in something that I knew wouldn't really help me employment-wise. I know tons of people who studied theatre, some of whom were really talented. I don't know anyone who makes a decent living at it. I know several people who patch together low paying part time theatre-related jobs with...
This thread depresses me. I hate tights. They never fit right and are always uncomfortable. I don't do boots. I guess it's no dresses for me until summer.
I would give you a polite response, but yes, I'd hate you. We never let our kids eat anything homemade from trick or treating. That would be thrown out.
We contribute 15% of our gross to supplementary retirement accounts. Dh will have a defined benefit pension and I have a defined contribution pension as well. I have to contribute a few percent to that, as well as what my employer contributes. My contribution to that will be phased out over the next two years, but for now it's on top of the 15%.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kirsten I am very "no tattoos or piercings other than the one set of traditional ones in your ears until you are 18" but I consider kids in college to be "on my dime" but also legal adults (though I don't really consider 18, 19, 20 year old kids to be adults but that is another thread) so I would be disappointed but not mad if they did that once they were 18. In my case, I also consider college kids to be on my dime,...
If my child got a piercing or a tattoo without my permission they would be grounded for life. We have a no-tattoos until you are off our dime policy. We are crystal clear about it. I would also look into prosecution to the full extent of the law for whoever committed the act if it were, for example, tattooing a minor, which is illegal in my state.
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