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We splurged and got the mountain buggy. Our relatives pitched in too so that helped. It’s a little less if you get last years model or used. It has an excellent resale value. It is a very well designed stroller. Can be used as a jogger too. I have a toddler (almost 3) and she sits in front on the foot rest so all 3 get strolled. The only complaint is that this stroller is very heavy and doesn’t fit back of every car. It fits in back of my Subaru wagon but there is...
I'm in. I have 6 month old b/g twins and a toddler. I only get to the site about once a week though so will often be quiet.
Mine b/g twins are almost 6 months. Completely different people who happened to share the same very small apartment for 9 months. http://mikeandthewulf.blogspot.com/
I really admire your resolution. I think the above advice is great. I too had a rough start and a strict regimen of offering the breast 8-10 times a day, pumping right after and fenugreek brought the supply up to where I was able to b/f both exclusively after 8 weeks. I’ll admit it was a lot of work and it seemed at the time that my whole world was centered on my boobs. I don’t know what your situation is at home but staying in bed and just sleeping, feeding, pumping...
I had horrible nausea all through my pregnancy and very little appetite. I gained and lost weight all through my pregnancy because of this and was always being pushed by the midwife to eat fatty foods. I remember being woken up at night often from the nausea and eating some crackers to calm my stomach down enough so I could go back to sleep. Eating a little every hour helped. It seemed that if I let my stomach get empty than I would feel so sick that I couldn’t eat at...
Handsome little guys. You have a beautiful family. Loved the slide show too. Congratulations.
Wow, you look great for someone who just gave birth to 3 babies. Your girls are beautiful.
I’m very sorry your original post did not get replied to. That would have upset me too. I have to tell you that after reading your post here I looked at Jackson’s website, and I’ll admit that I’m not great with encouragement, but your story truly touched me. Your son is so beautiful and his smiles are a testament to your love and strength as parents. I’ll tell you what my mother told me when I got pouty on her about being pregnant with twins and having a toddler: ...
Congratulations! What a lucky and exceptional woman you are to have such healthy triplets and b/f all. Truly an achievement and a blessing.
I labored in L/D room and later was pushed into OR in same bed for delivery. It seems like a commom hospital policy for twin delivery in the Seattle area. I did not get genetic testing so can't answer to the second question.
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