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choochootwo, I'd be interested in finding out how the different things are working for you.  I just noticed a cavity in my daughter's mouth and was horrified!  I am hoping to help the teeth remineralize naturally.  Please post an update. :)
I'm so glad to have found this thread.  I just noticed (and was horrified by it) that my DD's tooth has some decay.  I am willing to try natural remedies.  I think the OP mentioned she found her dentist through the Mothering board.  Is there a list of dentists somewhere on here?  Please help!  Thanks. :)
ok thanks! I was too scared to try that stuff at home anyway! ...but I did want to see if some of you have tried it. Now that a lot of you say you had moles removed while BF, i guess this dermatologist wasn't up on his facts. I will see about going to a different one! Here's an interesting article about moles and that people with more moles may age better... http://v.mercola.com/blogs/public_bl...er--27925.aspx
Quote: Originally Posted by lindberg99 Was this at a general doctor's office or where? I've had moles removed while breastfeeding. Like someone said, all they do is inject some novacaine and then shave them off. I would go to a dermatologist to get it removed. I had a couple removed by a regular doctor and ended up with scars from them. So the next time I went to a dermatologist office and the PA did them and I can't even tell where they...
Quote: Originally Posted by kate3 I'm confused by this. As MCKH said, the only medication you get for mole removal is lidocaine (local anesthesia) which has no contraindications for breastfeeding. I'm sorry I can't be of more help. I don't know what he was going to use. He just said he couldn't use it while I was nursing. Maybe he was mistaken.
I also found this page, which includes pictures throughout the mole removal process. http://www.herbtime.com/256.html (This is a different product called C-Herb) Any thoughts?
i've had my moles looked at before and they are fine. i was told i couldn't have them removed in office because i couldn't have whatever they needed to give me since i was breastfeeding. so since i still have 2yrs yet to go breastfeeding, i was wondering if there was something else i could do.
does anyone know of a way to safely remove a mole at home? mine is on my back. i saw a link to Bio-T on another site but am not too sure about it. (link) what do you think? if you think it's worth a try & doesnt sound dangerous, do you think it would be safe to use while nursing? or, if you've had one removed without insurance, how much does this cost? details, please
Quote: Originally Posted by newmama8824 ...and she said, "Oh, that's good. I couldn't BF bc MY breastmilk didn't have enough nutrients in it." and then a friend's Mother told me, "I didn't bf for long because I didn't have milk, it was milk at first but then it just turned to water." Oh how ABSURD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :
My baby had really sensitive skin in the beginning and it seemed her diaper rash would not go away. I saw they sell some heavy-duty diaper rash cream at the store, but it was $10 !! So I thought I'd try some things I already had at home. (These were things I wasn't really using anyway.) I got a cottonball, got it a little wet with water, then put some Tea Tree Oil on it and applied it to baby's bottom. Then I put some lanolin on her bottom. Then I would put diaper...
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