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A fifteen passenger van. I hate it. All our relaztives refer to it as "the church bus" .
Oh mama...I'm so sorry....doesn't their behavior just make you want to.....pee on them? Ok here is my story and I hope it makes you feel better. When my oldest son who is 21 now but was once upon a time 3 yrs old learned to go potty, he went everywhere too. And I do mean everywhere and anywhere. My FIL taught him that. He (son NOT FIL) would walk out to the blacony and pee off the side. Everytime my back was turned....and it was always where the other residents of...
Quote: Originally Posted by AFWife Don't eat slugs! Cockroaches make me scream and cry. I had a rat jump on me once in the barn and I literally peed all over myself. Bu the thing that sends me over the edge, that makes me just :Puke are maggots. UGH! Some friends of ours went out of town and I had to feed their cat...the nice yucky wet cat food....and so the bowl was really grody and I wanted to wash it because really...it was...
Quote: Originally Posted by simple life Hi, I am in Missouri and attend the TLM by the Institute of Christ the King in Kansas City, if you don't mind saying, where in Kansas? I know a few ladies in the St. Mary's area that go to the FSSP church there and then another family that goes to the SSPX in that same area (I think the FSSP is actually in Maple Hill, and the SSPX is in St. Mary's, but I may be switching them). Julie I go to the SSPX...
My name is Jen.....I converted in 1997. I have 9 children, my oldest is 20 and my youngest in 9 months old. I attend Latin Mass in Kansas and I homeschool. I will probably write more later when I figure out more to say.
Quote: Originally Posted by Arduinna http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2010...ement-address/ This pretty much sums up my opinion on his comments.
When my DH was a little boy his family, for a while, lived in a camper in a camp ground. When he tells the story his version is that everything was great....he learned so much just being around nature and out and about. His mother tells me that she was constantly worried that school would find out and the authorities would get involved because they were technically "homeless". She worried constantly about it and she had told her children not to tell anyone where they...
Oh stop. You guys are just too much!
Because............. It's my 1000th post! I really am excited. Just so you know.
Ummmm.....hmmmm.....yeah....uh....it's called getting out of bed. If I can make it that far...I'm doing pretty good.
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