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Quote: Originally Posted by Starr Is there a site you can look at and preview what books are available to download? if you own a Kindle you go to Amazon.com If you own a Nook then you go to BarnesandNoble.com I'm not sure about the Kindle but from the Barnes and Noble sight you can download books at the website and they go directly to the Nook. Also you can delete them from your account there too.
There's got to be a happy medium somewhere....I hope it can be resolved for you without bad feelings.
Quote: Originally Posted by KiwiZ Some "go grey" prematurely, some quite late in life and I'm guessing some never at all? Personally, I think most people seem to start somewhere around their 40s and was curious about your experience. I turn 44 this summer and have a few greys sprouting up, I kind of like them and have no plans to cover them up. One of my friends insists that I highlight my hair, that there is no way I can be mid-fourties and not have...
I love and I am being loved. I have a husband who lifts me up. I have children who love me and are forgiving of my faults. I am not alone. I found out that I don't need my mother's validation for my life choices. I love knitting and I am learning to spin.
That really is a great way of putting it.....and yeah...your absolutely right.
Quote: Originally Posted by MusicianDad I don't generally use this smilie because I know that some people have trouble with it but... :Puke Yeah I know. Trust me. I know... Everytime I used to see that guy I felt the same way. On that day, I ended up bringing the dog in the house because it made me really mad and then I got it from his wife: "You let an ANIMAL in the house. WOW. My "DH" would never allow that. I really hope he...
[QUOTE=*bejeweled*;15361583]For real?! Quote: Originally Posted by momo7 Coming to my house getting drunk and falling through my dining room table. Getting off the floor and then telling me it's my fault because my table was so cheaply made. For real. Nobody could make that one up. That really happened.
Showing up 4 hours late for a B-BQ so your child could take a nap and not calling to say your going to be late. Then stay until midnight untill we have to physically kick you out. Repeatedly kicking my dog and calling him a P$%#Y because he doesn't bite or attack you. Coming to my house, bringing your children and then not letting them play with mine. Coming to my house getting drunk and falling through my dining room table. Getting off the floor and then...
This is a very interesting story....I wonder if any other Wal-Mart employees will add their voices. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/us_betty_v_goliath
You raise a great point. I think as long as we continue to use petroleum products, accidents like these are going to happen. There are are only so many measures one can take..I mean you can do everything possible to prevent these things from happening but still....invariably it will.
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