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It's a scarf. A black scarf. Drape it around your neck and put your coat on.
I'm confused - why were you both in jail? You were both arrested? Wasn't one of you nt driving?
Your baby needs fats. Try Nature's Own soy-based if it has to be vegan. Babies need fats and MANY other things almond/rice milks don't provide. It says right on the packaging of both rice and soy milks that they are not a substitute. If you try to feed your baby only these things, its brain will not develop properly.
I use Lamb's Pride worsted weight (wool & mohair) to make thick, chunky socks. You can use many different weights. These knit up quickly, too. I can get a pair out in 2-4 days. The pattern is pretty simple, too - by the third or fourth pair I didn't need it any more.
My intention is to provide whatever help a new mama needs in order to be free to focus all of her energy & attention on bonding & getting bf going. This includes any household chores except cleaning up after pets, running errands, running interference with family/visitors, driving her to appointments & holding the babe during them... I try to be as flexible as possible. Did you have something specific in mind?
Quote: Originally posted by LaLaLuna I've only participated in one so far but thoroughly enjoyed it. I only hope my swappee did as well. LaLa! I love my earrings! I'm wearing them RIGHT NOW girl.
Quote: Originally posted by Mothernature Yahoo! Hurray for you! I am soooooo envious...
be sure to let us know!
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