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thanks for the support.... things haven't really changed except for more lies... he says he made a huge mistake and wants to come home...is this b/c OP doesn't want him anymore? how can i ever trust him? We scrape by towards the end of the month and he was paying her way from Cali to GA to stay with him in a hotel.... how stupid could I have been?? a question for women who stayed... how did you get through it? counseling? did you ever talk to other woman?...
I just found out today....so my head is still spinning..... I thought I could trust this man. He was the one who told me getting a 3rd party involved would only complicate things. We have been trying to conceive..... it just doesn't make sense
I just found out that my husband of 7 years, 6 unmarried has been seeing someone else. We have a 4.5 yr old together and I'm a stay at home mom and homeschooler. I have told him to leave the house and come back next week to pick up the rest of his things. He obliges. Coming from a broken home, I'm scared to death of what entails for my son. Does anyone have any advise or words of encouragement? I really don't know what to do....
Hoopin' Mama, we do plan to take a trip to Flagstaff towards the end of the week. I heard it's about 20-30 degrees cooler there! We plan to visit Sunset Crater, an Indian Monument and some other places... Can't wait to explore without being sick in my 1st tri like last time we visited!
thanks so much for the helpful replies. I'm making a list of different activities and other things such as; light weight long sleeves, sunscreen, water, hot between 12-4....etc...
My husband has a business trip in Arizona the 1st week of June. I, on a whim, decided that it would be a good idea to go with him and take our almost 4 yr old. He will be working during the day, so we need things to do then. We'll be at a hotel in the middle of Phoenix, so if I could get some ideas for places we could walk to. We are very active at home, always outside; in the garden, hanging in the yard, painting outside....so I can't image us sitting inside,...
Maybe I should go with the 2 wheeled since he's been on a two wheeled bike since his 2nd birthday. He has very good balance, now really I'm just worried about him falling over on our rocky driveway and not well paved road....hummmm It sounds like a good idea to get him to try them out at the stores first. We'll see....thanks for all the advise! )
My son is turning the big 3 next week and really wants a scooter. I've looked into them but wanted some advise before settling on one. I'm looking at this The only issue I have with this is the weight limit is 45lbs. DS is a tall boy and is already 40 lbs. I think the 3 wheeled one might be easier for him but would like to know your experience. Any advise or suggestions are welcome! Thanks
Yeah....I'll be looking forward to the old TP!! Thanks!
What songs do you sing to your toddler? We sing songs every night, the usual like; row your boat, twinkle twinkle little star, hush little baby, some others, then we make up songs about friends, boats, horses, stars, basically whatever comes to his mind. But, I want to find more of mantra songs, (if this is the right word.) Just songs that have a lullibie rythum and repeat. Any suggestions? TIA
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