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Quote: Originally Posted by singin'intherain Also, do you know if financial aid can be used to deduct from your food stamps? I'm toast without food stamps! Nope!
Cari, my hair was oily to begin with, but after only a few weeks of letting it dread it's dry as hell. I was one who had to wash every day or look like a greasebucket. If I didn't manage a shower in the morning, you could bet I had my hair back and tucked under a do-rag. Since I stopped combing and started letting it do its thing, I've had dry scalp for the first time in my life. I'm not thrilled about it. I imagine it will all work itself out eventually, especially...
I saw this the other day... the lyrics are really lovely and cool. The video rawks.
Quote: Originally Posted by quietserena i cant remember last time i had salmon - for that price, i'd rather have steak. Canned salmon is really cheap. Really cheap. You can make a nice salmon cake (similar to a crab cake) by mixing a can of salmon with an egg or two, a little bit of crushed bread and mayo if you desire (but totally optional), then pan fry in some OO. Inexpensive, simple, and delicious.
I know this isn't what you're looking for, but that's really cute. I think I would have dissolved into a pool of love right there on the spot.
Boy. The part where there seem to be three lines is the scrotum- it's bulging out WAY too far to be a vulva. I'll eat my shoe if that's a girl. I'll eat your shoe, too.
Quote: Originally Posted by ewe+lamb I think it depends on the child and not the sex of the child. I am really horrified that more people aren't chiming in with this. I keep checking this thread, expecting someone to say something along the lines of, "My child isn't just walking, talking genitalia, s/he has a personality, emotional range, thoughts, feelings of his/her own and wasn't mass-produced from a template at the Gender Stereotype...
I'm a little sad that this is considered a gender issue. I realize that girls and boys often develop differently, but ALL children develop differently. Isn't that why we guide our children as individuals?
Quote: Originally Posted by jkseawell My DH and I want as many children as the Lord will allow...we don't use any method of prevention as if contradicts our religious beliefs so if I have 5 kids, that's like 10 years of poor sleep...Think about that~! Not all of your children will be the same. Your son sounds a lot like my younger daughter, who sleeps less than I do and eats twice as much. I weaned her at 18 months and I was satisfied that...
Hold up. Lice? Are dreads especially prone to lice? Because I will shave my head in three minutes. I just searched the old threads, and I'm not sure what to think.
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