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Congratulations and I love that dress :)
I am not interested in joining the facebook group, but I had my baby :)  A surprise little girl on March 27th.  7 pounds 9.2 ounces (way smaller than either brother) 21 1/2 inches long and a hospital VBA2C! 
We don't.
Welcome Saskia Marie :)
Congratulations, I love his name :)
Well I scheduled the induction so I could be with my OB within two hours my water broke!  I had had a good cry and talk with my friend and my husband to let out all the frustration, but felt like it was the right thing.  Elizabeth Rose was born last night, I had my VBA2C and even though it wasn't a dream birth it really was for me.  I will write birth story up soon probably :)
Woo hoo ladies :D   40 week appointment today, looking at an induction.  Blood pressure still high, she was thinking 41 weeks was the limit before hand anyway since I am trying for a VBA2C.  Decisions, decisions.  I am supposed to call with what we decide.  We can go in and be induced on Thursday bright AM, told her I didn't want my water broke and she was ok with just seeing how it went since breaking waters would make me very committed.  The other option is to go back...
Oh how exciting porcelina, that is wonderful progress :)    I haven't had anything too exciting since Friday night, hoping there is slow and steady progress going on down there, lol. 
Good bit of plug this morning here too :D  So funny to post that and be excited for us porcelina.  Contractions that turned painful and lasted a bit yesterday and last night. 
Yay!  Congratulations :)   I am not sure if my blood pressure is helped or not yet, I banned myself from checking, but it did feel great :)
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