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Here is an article that says the girl and her mom relocated, and that the girl had an abortion. http://www.kpho.com/Global/story.asp...1&nav=23KuXBe8
you can quick soak the beans, here are instructions: http://www.americanbean.org/BeanBasics/Home.htm Changing the water after you quick soak them also helps keep the gas producing effect at a minimum. Beans taste better IMO the second day.
Here are two more animations for you to check out: http://www.constipationadvice.co.uk/...ve_system.html http://health.howstuffworks.com/adam-200142.htm
I completely understand how you are feeling. I went through the same thing, amicable separation, wonderful coparenting, nice house sharing situation (I stayed at the house in the day with kiddos, and I left when he came home from work for the night). When the new GF came on to the scene, everything changed. It was very difficult trying to not feel threatened since it seemed that she was the one calling the shots for awhile. But I agree with the PP on the speculation...
Maybe put them in the tub with a cheapo can of shaving cream. They can smear to their heart's content and it works great for removing soap scum!
I superglued the ruubber stoppies to the spiral, it stayed on despite my dogs best efforts.
Don't assume that she feels this is a tragedy. I had very unplanned Csecs and for me, it was a terrible thing that I had to deal with. My sister, on the other hand, also had Csecs and I think they didn't bother her at all. I think if people had tried to comfort her about her "birthing failure" she would have thought they were crazy. If she is like me, and does feel like her body has betrayed her, just listen. Follow her lead. Physical help would be great if you can......
My cat does that too, so I will be paying attention for suggestions. My cat has pretty close to destroyed the wood trim on a couple of the doors. The only thing I have thought of is stapling a carpet sample to the wood trim. Or perhaps, put another peice of trim on top of the actual trim. Once the cat has scratch it to the nub, replace it and the real trim is still intact underneath.
I am dissapointed to hear that mold can grow in the space bag, I had high hopes for those things. What about tossing a dessicant pack in with your clothes, like those silica packs that come in new shoe boxes. Maybe that would prevent mildew. I believe that silica gel is available at craft stores for drying out flowers. The dessicant should absorb any moisture remaining in the bag when it is sealed.
In our family bed
New Posts  All Forums: