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My daughter had it now, and my son will likely get symptoms any day, so we have a bit of a spread in the time. The kids'll be available to spready germs on Tuesday in Concord.
Thought I'd just add: my kids spend half of every week up north in Wentworth, NH, and I'm pretty sure their step-mom would be happy to host a pox playdate.
My kid has a confirmed case of chicken pox. Come and get it while the gettin's good! I'm in Concord.
I also spend a couple hours in the hospital for string contractions. They last a couple days, every fifteen minutes. It sucked. I took Cal/Mag, and the hospital put me on antibiotics. They said they detected some bacteria that *can* cause contractions if there is an overgrowth.... I dunno, but the contractions stopped a day later and I'm taking the meds because I'm afraid they'll come back! I've got 9.5 weeks left to my due date and my last baby was five weeks early......
Even adults don't need photo ID for domestic travel. It just makes things go MUCH faster and smoother. If you have no photo ID, you inform them at check in and you get a special ticket that ensures you will get tons of extra screening and searches. I travelled on a half dozen flights over the last two years with no photo ID. But it was a lot of extra bother.... That being said, I wouldn't worry about a small child at all. They won't even do extra screening for that.
I night weaned my DD a week ago, because I needed slepp, and she was down to twice a day (nap and bedtime). But then this Friday night I ended up in the ER with a massive tooth infection and terrible pain and I've been getting IV antibiotics every 8 hours since then, and serious pain killers (which they swear are safe but make me feel guilty)... anyhow, I haven't nursed her since. She was exposed to antibiotics once and she got a terrible yeast rash that we had to battle...
I'm 14 weeks. I'm back to my starting weight after losing three or four pounds.
We're still going. My dd nurses once of twice during the daytime, and then ALL NIGHT! The only time I want to wean is about 4am, after hours of her waking every hour yelling "neenur! neenur!" and pawing me. It's getting old. But I'm holding out hope that she'll naturally begin to sleep through the night sometime soonish... (She's 21 months old). I feel a little drained and I've lost five pounds instead of gaining any (I'm 12 weeks), but as long as I begin gaining soon,...
New Posts  All Forums: