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You can, but my concern would be the hold which other posters have mentioned. What I like to do is book on Priceline, etc. and use my debit card. Then when I get to the hotel & they ask for a credit card for incidentals, I just ask them to shut everything off instead (outgoing calls on the phone, pay-per-view movies, etc). So they don't need a card.. It's worked for us in the past multiple times.
Pay off some medical bills.. pad the emergency fund. And maybe plan a weekend or night away somewhere.
We put the sets (house, castle, farm) on top of our trofast. All of the people/animals/cars, etc. go into a bin. Those are all mixed up, but that's ok.
Congratulations!! Enjoy your babymoon
I'm also anxious to hear an update! Thinking of you, LaShonda!
Aww.. what a beautiful birth story. Welcome to the world, baby Clementine!
What a great article!!
What an inpirational woman. Such a tragic loss. Her poor babies and husband Any ideas where donations to the family could be made?
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