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I'm also DDC crashing.. please don't let that OB put such an arbitrary deadline on you. You can always switch- it's never too late My own VBAC was 10 days past her due date. Many, many labor vibes and peaceful thoughts for you! I hope you have a woooonderful VBAC!!
We use (and highly recommend) Dr. Russell Stokes in Westerly. He has TONS of 'alternative' types of patients (extended bfing, homeschooling, non or partial or delay vaxxing)
I'm not sure... but that's the funniest thread title I've seen in a long time (not to make light of your situation, sorry )
I saw the October thread and didn't jump on board until late in the month, so I'm ready to go for this month! With Thanksgiving coming this month, I need to really get moving on this decluttering/organizing journey! Who's with me??
Wow- you are such an inspiration!! You have given your son (and yourself ) such a huge gift. You must feel SOOO proud of yourself- it's such an amazing transformation! The before and after from your son's bedroom was INCREDIBLE!
I have had the worst experience with that company.. their customer service is practically NON-existant. They are poorly run, don't respond to e-mails, and don't know how to train their people. I loved the picture they took of my dd while she was in the NICU. I filled out my form and sent it in within a week or two with payment, and then never heard from them. I left messages, e-mailed them, didn't hear back. Finally, with a threat of calling the Attorney General, I...
I've never been to a McD's party, but I would not expect the host/hostess to pay to feed the parents. Just the children.
Quote: Originally Posted by aprons_and_acorns My five year old son is going to be a woodstove. Reminds me of my younger brother.. when he was five, he wanted to dress as a brick wall. I still tease him about it to this day.
Ds (7) is requesting to be a pirate. Both DDs ( 4 and 21 mos) are going to be fairies.
I didn't see the episode (only the clip posted) but I think it looks so... cold and uncomfortable. It DOES look like an IKEA showroom, as a pp mentioned ... although even IKEA showrooms have a bit more 'stuff' to them!
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