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You are making such great progress!!!! Way to go!!
Welcome to MDC! I am also planning to TTC within the next year or so and it will be a VBA2C Be sure to head over to the VBAC sub-forum. Lots of great info over there! Best of luck to you!
I would say anything Pixar, but I also liked the suggestion of a Willy Wonka/Charlie movie. It could be a fun theme, with candy, etc.
Great thread! We are on such a tight budget for Christmas this year. I need to get creative!
So, so sorry for the loss of your sweet baby boy. I can only imagine how much you are missing him. Thinking of you and your family.
We have to be very careful with the budget.. but with careful planning and an early start, I find it doable. We are planning to get the kids each one pair of pajamas, one craft type project, one-two toys, and one book (probably will be the cute Kohl's ones they have now- the If you Give a Mouse a Cookie series with matching animals). For extended family I'm planning to bake and scrimp and save and look for really good holiday deals.
I just watched the two Niagara Falls episodes. Hilarious!!! Oh my goodness.. Jim's speech to Pam (before the mishap) brought tears to my eyes. I love them as a couple. The dance at the end had me rolling.. so classic.
Quote: Originally Posted by greenmama07 thanks for another tip on Dr. Stokes. Sorry to hear it sounds like our future local hospital isn't so good. Hopefully we won't have too many mishaps. Where we are now we have a big hospital we can go to that's good and was where I had DS and a smaller one that is good for ER b/c there isn't a long wait. I will defenitly keep Westerly Hospital in mind for any other births or major surgeries. I agree with...
We use Dr. Stokes and would highly recommend him. We now live in Colchester and still make the drive to see him. He is affiliated with Westerly Hospital, but we've never had an emergency that necessitated a hospital visit or stay.
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