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I just finally watched it tonight. Cute at the end with Jim & Pam
Quote: Originally Posted by laneysprout ollineeba - I'm sorry to hear about your experience with the doc. All of the docs I've encountered there have been super-supportive and very respectful of birthing moms. I know that Dr. Magee, who runs maternal and child health there, really works to train them in a way that supports gentle birth. Several of us are even doing a mini doula-training with the first-year residents there next month. No...
I know there is a practice out of Yale. It is a practice of 3 CNMs and you are guaranteed a midwife. Can't think of the name right now.. I'll come back and update if I can think of it or maybe someone else can chime in?
Oh boy.. I don't have any info to help, but I'm just infuriated for you!
That's awesome! Way to go! We have clothing drop boxes here, but no place to drop off toys and other things like that. The nearest Goodwill is about 20 mins away, so it's not too far, but I really have to go out of my way to get there, so ... yeah. I still have lots of clutter.
Quote: Originally Posted by AngelaM I had extensive conversations with Mary during my pregnancy about the possibility of anyone else being on call during my birth. We sat down together with a calendar and went over the two weekends during my "birth month" that she would be away, and talked about who would be there instead. She agreed that as long as I didn't go into labor over one of those two weekends, she would be there for my birth. And, she...
If I were you, I'd make sure to chat with women who have birthed more recently. It seems to me that most of the issues have been within the last 20-ish months. Feel free to PM people here, too, to ask more about their experiences. About the family practice doc vs. OB- True- it was a family practice doc that was supposed to take over for Mary half-way through my labor. But she may as well have been a card-carrying member of ACOG for the way she looked at me when I...
I also think it sounds like a debt collection agency.
Quote: Originally Posted by mommadoula2 i recently attended a birth at backus and they were great about sticking to the birth plan. i think it really depends on who is on that day just my : Exactly. Depends on the nurse that you are assigned to and also your OB/CNM. It's helpful to have a doula.
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